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Laundry Detergent Pod Dangers to Pets and Children — 21 Comments

  1. I, actually, use 2 very different liquid detergents because I am a two time washer with the cat stuff, especially those things from the outsiders.

    Gain is my main detergent, but I also buy the cheap stuff like Xtra or Sunlight as a first wash just to remove the initial nastiness.

  2. If I didn’t leave the pods in the trunk of my car I wouldn’t buy them. I have major nerve damage and my right hand is about useless and I have arthritis so even measuring out detergent is hard for me these days. I’m surprised I can even type. But if I had to store them inside no way would I use them.

      • Laura has to open bottles for me now. And I drop things because I can’t feel holding them. It all started with that pinched nerve in my neck. As if arthritis weren’t bad enough. Now instead of pain I can’t feel anything at all.

    • When I was younger, I never believed my mother when she would tell me to be kinder and gentler with myself, because I would pay for the wear and tear someday.
      Here we are and paying up; but, we have to continue with the manual labor and just be beaten up every day.
      I don’t know what’s worse in your case – pain or numbness. I think I would choose numbness.

      • Numbness isn’t worse…its just scarier. LOL. I use the Gain pods. Laura developed allergies to Tide. All I did was turn my head wrong about 3 months ago and pinched a nerve and its led to this.

  3. Well I only just use laundry Powder with a scoop. My Cute jasmine has a new love for Toilet Paper, which she loves to Pinch and take away and play with. So i have to make sure the door is shut. Even Paper Towels arent safe lol.

  4. By 8AM, I’m absolutely filthy most days caring for colonies or helping with others.
    Pods aren’t even a part of my language. I’m not senseless and can figure out how much liquid detergent to use. I refuse to let manufacturers decide for me. Nor, will I expose my cats to something, like a pod, that they may consider a toy.

  5. I walk around on construction sites where forklifts blow muddy dust and sand. Its 100 degrees some days and I walk for almost 3 hours per shift. I have to close construction gates and we wear white shirts in security.

    And we don’t even want to talk about Sealy poop before he was litter trained. 🙂

  6. I’m a detergent waster. Always afraid a capful isn’t enough. So I feel I’m saving money with these. I get very dusty at work and they clean the uniforms I have to wear. I leave pods in the car between trips to the laundromat. From what I’ve read these need to be locked up because kids are fascinated with them.

    • In Britain we have liquid detergent which we put into a cup (a detachable part of the container) and then put the cup into the washing machine amongst the clothes. That works well. I guess it avoids the dangers you describe in your article. Thanks Elisa for the article.

      • That’s what I used to use but I’m known for not measuring using the cup. Or the cheap brands take way more than the label says to get clothes clean. I can take 1 pod of Tide or Gain and know the clothes will come out clean and fresh. I get very dusty and dirty walking around at work. Then we have all the cat blankets that have to come clean. I just never realized how dangerous the pods are. I’ll continue to use them but felt people should be warned.

        • I think you put your clothes and other objects through more wear than I do. I use a light 20 mins wash and a spin for 17 mins and that is it. I mix coloreds and whites. I air dry with a dehumidifier. Now you know a bit about my domestic life 😉

    • I’m the opposite and like to use less than the recommended amount. Clothes and dishes still get clean! I don’t use these pods because I have to use the whole pod and I’d rather use less of this type of product. As little as possible actually. It still works just as well.

  7. good information to know. . . thankfully, I do not use these. . . I still use the old standard liquid detergent. . .never felt like spending the extra $$$ for these. . . LOL!! ♥♥♥

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