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Law classifying feral cats as pests is almost meaningless — 4 Comments

  1. So the first step is slapping these idiots in the face. Make it illegal to allow cats to roam astray. Personally I would think no loving cat owner would let their cat out in the current climate of hate.
    As too is it legal understand that in the mind of a depraved cat killer it will make no difference if it’s a stray, feral or your house pet. The current climate of cat hate and blame the cat mentality is all the law they need to double down on killing cats.

    • Yes, I wonder if the internet in allowing a massive platform for cat haters and shooters is gradually affecting the lawmakers who will eventually introduce laws to confine cats and/or create obligatory registration as for dogs. There is so much talk about feral cats that eventually the pressure on forcing irresponsible cat owners to improve could result in ordinances being introduced.

      • Something has got to give on one side. If cat owners continue to be lousy guardians they will wear the blood of all feral killed simply because of human ignorance. It’s an issue that must be dealt with on some level.

        • Yes, it is about irresponsible cat ownership. Something must be done about it if we are to ensure that unwanted cats and stray cats are treated more humanely. I guess there will always be unwanted and stray cats but we have to limit the number to a much more acceptable level so they become almost invisible. I have to say that in the UK feral and unwanted cats are indeed almost invisible. It is very rare to see any in my experience. In fact I don’t recall ever seeing a feral cat and I am observant and I look out for cats. Plus I walk around and travel quite a bit. I suppose they do inhabit disused building sites et cetera but there aren’t many of those anyway.

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