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Law On Cat Killing UK — 23 Comments

  1. If I had hamsters or gerbils roaming free in my garden and next doors cat kept coming and killing them( for fun, like they do)
    Can I shoot it?

  2. We have 3 local cats that do their business in our garden. Unfortunately our dog sees these deposits as a treat. This causes a trip to the vets & has cost alot of money over the years ( it’s to do with the diet they live off) my question is, can I protect legally protect my animal by shooting with a catapult. It probably won’t kill one but would certainly cause a nasty injury, but not a permanent one. Or can I present the owners of the offending cats with the next vet bill. Before you ask we have had cats but they were trained to use a tray so not to deposit in the garden.

    • I completely understand you problem and am sympathetic. The obligation is with the cats’ owners (is there more than one owner?) to stop them coming onto your garden. I wouldn’t hurt the cats. You’d be committing a crime. You could be in trouble. You could threaten to sue in the tort of private nuisance if you have asked already and she/he or they have refused to cooperate. You might look at that.

      Presenting the owners with vet’s bill would not work unless he/she or they voluntarily agreed to pay it. You might agree a joint or cooperative solution – a joint funding of a ProtectaPet pet containment fence around the part of your garden where they enter it. The fence overhang would face outwards to stop cats getting in. Google ProtectaPet. Or the cats’ owners could and should install one around their garden. There is little chance of that I am sure.

      You may find these suggestion completely unacceptable and I’d understand. You just have to avoid exacerbating the problem because I presume the cats’ owners is or are neighbours.

  3. Nuisance Cat trespasses on my land, disturbs my livestock (dog). I shoot nuisance animal in the face with licenced shotgun the same as if nuisance dog were to disturb a sheep or cow. Some people don’t have shotguns, a bag and brick would work just as well. If people really love their cats they wouldn’t let them roam and cause nuusance to all and sundry. The End

    • Where do you live Alan? If you kill cats on your land when they are minding their own business you are breaking the law. You seem to enjoy killing cats and dogs. Unpleasant.

  4. If your cat craps in my garden, you have a choice: Either you clean it up or I will collect the crap, dump it in your garden and kill the cat.

    • The last of three would make you a criminal. If you did that to my cat I’d probably do my utmost to really hurt you. However, I’d clean up the crap. Also my cat is contained within my garden so he would not trespass on a property belonging to someone like you: an unpleasant individual who has a criminal bent.

  5. In this world of over 7 BILLION people, there are many who are homeless and unable to access toilets. Many of them eliminate in public. Should it then be legal to kill them because someone is offended by the presence of their eliminations? I rest my case.

      • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. But are you saying people should kill cats because they defecate and urinate? If you are, it’s a crazy thought.

    • I realise your comment is 5 years old but… I would hope that any normal human being would value human life more than that of a cat.

  6. From a purely legal point…..in the UK its perfectly legal to humanly destroy feral cats on your property providing it is done humanly as they are considered vermin i.e. a well aimed shot with a shotgun, although in practice how you would tell the difference between someones beloved pet and a feral i’m not sure! clearly if a cat is a pet i.e. owned by a human then its clearly totally illegal, I have never done this nor do i plan to however just thought this was worth pointing out!


    • Thanks Matt for contributing. You have hit the nail on the head: (a) you can’t tell a stray/feral from a domestic, owned cat, especially at a distance and (b) you can’t really guarantee to kill a cat humanely with a gun. Not in my opinion anyway.

      • When I shoot cats I use 12g 8 pallet buckshot. Turned the last nuisance trespassing tabby inside out. Not so much as a meow. Doesn’t get more humane than that

  7. This is absolutely ridiculous all you idiotic cat owners, do you know how many millions of birds and mammals are killed each year in the UK by damn cats that are not kept in and allowed to stay. There is a law in the UK that bans dogs from being allowed out alone this should apply to cats, in Australia there are specialist teams who are deployed to go out at night and shoot cats that roam and kill their native wildlife such is the terrible damage they do, stop for one second and think of the damage you and your cats are doing to the UK wildlife and stop being so selfish, lets how they adopt the Australian law to the UK soon!!!

    • Chris when you cool down provide hard evidence and stats on cats damaging wildlife. It does not exist. Believe me. Everything is guesswork and estimates. You have been indoctrinated. And I don’t like you insulting cat owners. The article was very balanced and fair. I don’t think you read it