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Lawyer for Kristen Lindsey defends his client in letter to Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners — 152 Comments

  1. I took two years of vet school, eventually going into business, but pets and animals are very near to my heart. This is sickening and I thank you all for allowing me to sign that petition a few weeks ago to get her out and continue here to vent my frustration.

      • Her arrogance is shocking, her malevolence is saddening and her claims to privacy are disingenious, she posted the event to the public on FB and thereby made herself a public figure. Her real complaint isn’t privacy, it’s that she is being publicy shamed – big difference. Public shaming is a relatively new phenom, in this case it serves a valuable purpose – unlike the cases where truly private people have been targeted for meanspirited, unwanted public attention. She chose to tell the world about it, “LOL”. Ny sense is that KL would be the first to bully a person who wasn’t deserving, fortunately what goes around comes around – of that we can be certain.

  2. No surprises here. That attorney is an idiot…what’s new? Perhaps he needs to put on a cat outfit and crawl in her backyard and face the consequences. Glad to see she lost her job. She needs to get a job cleaning toilets.

  3. I would like to take her on a hunting trip. Then hold up the pics of her with an arrow through her head. That way all animals will be safe n we know she can never reproduce. The only good c**t is a c**t with an arrow through her head.

  4. Just to say a big thank you to all those who continue to seek justice for this heinous crime and pursue punishment for the vile individual who committed it. The same applies to the bunny killers in Denmark. I hope the scum get what they deserve in this life and the next xxx

  5. Does it bother anyone else that Kristen Lindsey, a so called “veterinarian”, admits she can not distinguish the difference between a feral and a house cat? If this is so, how in the world did she get a license? In a Cracker Jack box? She shot someones pet in the face at close range! I’m no Vet but I do know ferals will run away from strangers NOT towards them! As far as her privacy (?) that image of her ugly smirk will never go away and we will never go away! You can take that to the bank Brian W. Bishop! RIP Tiger <3

    • …she can not distinguish the difference between a feral and a house cat?

      This is the first time anyone has made this point and it is a good one. Thanks Carletta. As I read the situation, it is more or less agreed that the cat was a domestic cat. There is also the possibility that she trapped the cat before shooting him.

  6. really? Is he stupid?? She needs to lose her license and should never be allowed to handle any kind of animal again nor should she ever get a gun permit, If you needed a bow and arrow permit, she shouldn’t be allowed to handle one of those ever gain also. She is the biggest piece of dog doo doo I have ever see, being she is suppose to be committed to doing NO harm

    • Nicely put Cynthia. Not that I want to defend this lawyer but has to try and defend his client and he hasn’t got much of an argument! It’s almost a slam-dunk conviction (I hope!).

  7. She was wrong for killing a pet. She should be punished. Please don’t let her off. There is absolutely NO excuse for killing a cat and bragging. What kind of message are we sending?????

    • I for one will go on fighting for justice. I want to see the authorities do the right thing. Thanks for commenting, Amber.

  8. I, like others here, take care of a TNR colony that live around my home. I also have seven inside that resulted from that colony pre-TNR. I have been following this case closely. I don’t know what the law and veterinary board will do, but I do know what I will do. If I EVER find out that a veterinary office has hired her, I will be contacting said office until she’s fired. With the publicity, I can’t imagine ANY practice putting their reputation on the line by hiring her, but you never know. She’s a psychopath experimenting on defenseless animals now….. what will be her next target? The neighbor’s kid because he strayed over the property line?

    • Thank you for commenting Shannon. Nearly everyone thinks exactly like you. The world is very angry about her behaviour and they want to see justice for Tiger. I too believe that she is mentally deranged in some way to be so arrogant and actually believe that what she was doing was all right even though she is a veterinarian.

  9. I thought the FBI just classified animal cruelty as a felony. How is shooting a domesticated animal, feral or not, with a bow and arrow not considered animal cruelty? How can her lawyer say so aggressively that she has not committed a crime? As a vet, she was fully aware of humane methods to have the cat removed from her property, like animal control, trap and release organizations, etc, so I would think shooting an cat with an arrow in the head just because it’s on your property would be considered animal cruelty. Any thoughts?

    • I think that the argument that her lawyer is proposing is an exemption within the Texas law that if a farmer shoots a cat on his property because the cat is hounding livestock then under these circumstances it is not a crime to kill a cat. However, common sense dictates that this section of the law is inapplicable in this instance.

      It is certainly animal cruelty in this instance and it is certainly a crime in this instance. It is just a question whether the authorities are committed to prosecuting a veterinarian because I suspect that the authorities are reluctant to prosecute a veterinarian even though it is blatantly criminal.

      Thanks for commenting Megan.

  10. Contact info for her attorney from the State Bar of Texas website:
    Mr. Brian W. Bishop
    Bar Card Number: 02346300
    Work Address: 900 West Avenue

    Austin, TX 78701
    Work Phone Number: 512-327-5121
    Primary Practice Location: AUSTIN , Texas
    Bar Card Number: 02346300
    Texas License Date: 10/30/1981
    Firm: None Reported By Attorney
    Firm Size: Solo
    Occupation: Private Law Practice
    Practice Areas: Administrative and Public, Business, Consumer, Family, Litigation: Commercial
    Law School Graduation Date Degree Earned
    University Of Texas 08/1981 Doctor of Jurisprudence/Juris Doctor (J.D.)

    • Thank you Sandra. His website has been down for a little while now and it’s still down as I write this:


      It seems that he is being flooded with visitors who want to look him up and perhaps make contact with him to criticise him but of course he is only doing his job.

  11. So that attorney is saying a doctor shooting a man outside of the physician’s office has nothing to do with his integrity as an MD? I guess thats the best the attorney could come up with but its insanity. That girl has a screw or two loose & so does her attorney. BTW-the fact that the cat was someone’s pet doesnt matter to me. Feral or not-I would feel the same!

  12. Her attorney is concerned about her privacy???? She POSTED the PICTURE on FACEBOOK! If she wants her life private, she should keep it that way. But, thank God, it this instance she didn’t. She needed to be caught and prosecuted and this is probably not her first crime.

  13. When kristen lindsey stated “vet of the year, gladly accepted” and the comment that she was so good that they wouldn’t fire her. She MADE IT ABOUT BEING A VET. HER WORDS AND HER ACTIONS… dont need to insert pucture we have all seen it!!

  14. I agree with everyone who is in abject disgust at the actions of Kristen Lindsey. REMOVE her license, disallow her from ever practicing medicine on any animal. She is a disgrace to her chosen profession. Her actions were HER actions. She was proud to have done what she did, and needs to pay.

    She needs to be charged with cruelty to animals and convicted of the same. This is so heinous.

    People worldwide are watching to see how the State Board of Veterinary Medicine here in Texas handles this case.

    Thank you for accepting our complaints and letters.

  15. This case has been widely discussed and condemned in the UK also. We are following with interest, and we hope that the right result is achieved and she is consequently forced to pay for her evil actions in every way possible.

    • It intrigues me to see if she is charged and convicted because this is such a well publicised matter that whatever happens is very important. Justice has to be seen to be done and if it isn’t it will be a stain on the justice system in America and the selection and schooling of veterinarians.

  16. Hi, I previously wrote a letter in response to an article written by a vet (with good intentions) that questioned whether the defenders of Tiger the cat were basically going a bit overboard. I do not believe that we are at all, I believe that this is bigger then Tiger and is more about animal abuse overall. Tiger’s death has brought attention to this urgent matter. As far as right to privacy I believe was addressed very well by Susan in a previous comment. As far as why people are pushing this I addressed my beliefs in the letter I previously mentioned. I am in a rush and instead of rewriting the same info I think you will get the main idea.

    Doing Something
    In Order That Evil Does Not Prevail
    My Answer to the Question: Should We Forgive Kristen Lindsey?

    By Lori Kory

    “All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke.
    “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who do evil, but because of the people who do nothing about it.” Albert Einstein.
    I died while I was playing. The day was April 17, of 2015. My name is Tiger. I was an orange kitty cat and I liked to ride on tractors and play in the bushes. I didn’t know it was going to happen. I didn’t know it could happen really. I just went for a walk. I saw some butterflies in a big pretty bush and ran in to chase them. I know I wasn’t supposed to leave my yard, but hey, I’m a cat. I am mischievous and sometimes I just want to explore. I was in the flower bushes and I saw a happy lady. I was excited because my buddy had said a vet lived in the yard with the pretty flowers. She was smiling and walking toward me. I just knew she had a treat for me and I ran up to her. I was looking forward to some pats. She was smiling when she shot me. All I could feel was blinding pain. I hurt so badly I peed all over myself. Through my pain ridden haze I felt her pick me up. She was going to help me. She was a vet. But she was laughing and held me by my neck. I could see her out of the corner of my eyes. My breathing was getting hard and I could hear a rattle in my chest. Another laughing lady was taking pictures. It was too late when I realized that I was what they were laughing at. They thought my pain was funny. They thought my death rattle was music. I was so scared and I just wanted my human mommy and daddy. Can anybody tell me what I did wrong? Why did the laughing lady hurt me? Why did she kill me? Does anybody know?
    Tiger the cat died a horrible and unnecessary death at the hands of a human he was supposed to be able to trust. He did nothing wrong. Except perhaps trust the wrong person. As far back as our history goes atrocities have been committed at the hands of the most capable animal on our planet. We, as human beings, should be the protectors of our world. We are blessed with intelligence, capability and opposable thumbs! Why then can we find so many cases of cruelty, atrocities, and inhumane actions, ranging from worldwide events like the Holocaust that shake the world to its core to the more common serial killers that we propel to fame to the everyday sociopath that shoots a cat through the head for no reason other than entertainment? Whatever the reason, it is clear that evil walks among us. Evil that returns time after time always in a new disguise. Big or small, we have never been able to cure the human race of its dark presence. Author Stephen King said it best when he said “Monsters are real. Ghosts are real too. They live inside of us. And sometimes they win.”
    Luckily, we have the power to combat those very monsters. We, as the human race, are also blessed with a thing called conscience. Our conscience drives our ability to distinguish right from wrong, to make good choices, it gives us the power to do good, and make the world a better place. We also have the ability to take a stand and call for action. The quotes above from both Burke and Einstein are two of my favorite because they call for us to empower ourselves and stand up for what is right. They call for us not to tolerate the monsters and the evil. They are really telling us to grow some kahunas and do something to prevent the growth and spread of evil! I take the position that those of us horrified at the senseless death of Tiger the cat and pushing for consequences to be levied at Ms. Lindsey are taking a stand for the greater good. That our outrage is not about a mistake. Ms. Lindsey’s actions were not about an “oppsie I goofed” situation. Not even about a horrific decision that was not meant to cause harm but did. This outcry in support of a little orange cat named Tiger is about people doing something. It is about people that do not want to live in a dangerous world and have decided that the good, instead of evil, should prevail.
    In an article titled “Can we forgive Kristen Lindsey” by Dr. Gasper the author asks us to contemplate the real meaning of compassion. She asks some thought provoking questions about our own compassion and humanity. I am writing this in order to answer those questions from my point of view.
    Dr. Gasper, you ask if we should forgive Kristen Lindsey. You imply that our compassion is conditional. You state that all people have biases (agreed) and ask that we consider the fact that, in spite of not likening cats, could Ms. Lindsey have not been a caring vet. You ask that if by revoking her license to practice, being condemned by her Alma matter, and facing possible criminal charges we are demanding too much and going too far. You question our reaction and horror to the situation and you question our compassion and ethics. I have pondered those points and I am going to give you the answers, as I see them, to those questions.
    While I do agree with the premise of your article, I do not agree that the points pertain to the Kristen Lindsey situation. While I do believe that forgiveness, redemption and rehabilitation are ideologies that can make us and our world a better place, are in fact the very things that our humanity is built on, I also believe they have to be tempered by logic and reasoning and accountability.
    I contend that Tiger’s advocates are shining examples of people that have decided killing, torturing and playing with your prey is not to be tolerated in our society. It is not just animal advocates that are horrified. People that do not even like cats are horrified. Hunters are horrified. Society is horrified. This is not just about the killing of an animal. It is about standing up for basic humanity. This is about stopping an evil before it grows any bigger. While one little cat seems irrelevant and excusable to some people it is with great joy that I see so many people finding their voices. Because I know these same people will also have voices in other situations. That future evil will have a harder time existing in our world.
    The basis of my message is this – If we tolerate bad behavior in children they get worse. (I know I have three) This is true of adults too. If we turn the other cheek people that do bad, horrible, evil things then know they can get away with their behaviors. It gets easier for them. It seems not so bad. They escalate. This happens because they interpret our silence for approval, or at the very least validation that their behaviors are normal and acceptable. They get confident in their actions. They practice.
    No, our compassion is not conditional. People like us – people that you are implying only have compassion intermittently, people you imply do not really exhibit true compassion, ethics, and morals because our sympathies are directed at an abused cat instead of an abusive human, well we take the position that our compassion and sympathies are directed exactly where they should be. I find it curious that you view people like me, those of us standing against a horrible action, with a certain amount of cynicism and have not so subtly questioned our ethics.
    Let me put it in black and white here. It was heartbreaking and frightening to see an animal suffer and a human ADULT finding it entertainment. To have this intolerable behavior posted in celebration for all of us and our children to see was shocking. It is heartbreaking to see, read about, and just to know about hurt, homeless and lost humans…or dogs…or cats. It turns my stomach to see a fur coat. It breaks my heart to look into the eyes of a homeless man or woman. It makes me sad when any living being is in pain. And pain that does not have to happen is intolerable to people like us. People like me, and the thousands that you are questioning, try to do our best. Is our best enough? Not usually, but we try. We give money to the homeless man on the corner. We teach our children to do the same. When people question our logic we tell them – maybe he will spend the money on liquor but hey, if I had to sleep in the woods in the rain I might too. We are proud when our kids ask if they can invite the homeless man into Subway and sit at a table and eat with us. We are proud when he tells us that it was so nice someone talked to him. That most people will not look at him and he gets lonely. We want our children to keep doing that. It is not arbitrary. It is the way we try in our small little ways to make the world a better place. We rescue hurt animals, we volunteer in shelters, churches, and with rescue organizations. We teach our children to do the same.
    Apparently it works because I myself have a 13 year old that not only helped a college student and myself lift a hurt baby deer out of the road but sat with it while we drove to a rehabilitation facility and cried when he died on the way. In the past year she has:
    1. Adopted a dog from the shelter using her own babysitting money on the day she went down to donate 100 dollars to that same shelter that she had made organizing and running a cupcake stand in front of our vets one Saturday.
    2. Used more of her babysitting money to adopt an abused breeder dog from a rescue.
    3. Paid for their vet bills.
    4. Got done babysitting one day and on the drive home gave her entire 50 dollars to the homeless veteran on the side of the road. (And no we are by no means even close to being wealthy).

    I have an 11 year old son who rescued two kittens that had been dumped. They now sleep in his top bunk. He and his 11 year old friend rescued an old stray cat and went to say goodbye and comfort her at our vets because she was so full of disease that our vet ,who does love all animals, (Yes, I know him and his wife personally) could not help her. But that eleven year old boy walked in and patted her and told her everything would be ok before she had to go.

    My 16 year old rescued a lost lab running the neighborhood. (Yep, my house is full of furry strays.). Please notice the ages of these rescuers, the oldest being a college student. These children, who have more empathy (not to mention sense) in their dirty little toenails then Kristen Lindsey will ever be able to have. You see, soulless cannot be fixed, it has to be dealt with. This brings me to my next point.

    People like us are upset about what Kristen Lindsey CHOSE AS AN ADULT to do. She CHOSE to commit and celebrate this heinous act. Kristen Lindsey could have CHOSEN to be like my 11 year old son and his friend when they picked up that hurt old cat and did the best that their 11 year old selves could to be kind and helpful. Instead she saw a lost cat and used it as a chance to play monster.
    Our compassion is not conditional, however it flows in the direction that it is needed. You state that there are some cases of behavior that are so heinous they cannot be forgiven. You mention child abuse. I completely agree. However, I am curious that as a vet yourself, do you not find the intentional and malicious killing of anything or anyone in that category? I would guess by reading your article that you are a moral and ethical person yourself. That you are caring and asking thought provoking questions for the greater good. That you are not condoning Ms. Lindsey’s actions. That you want all of us to do better. But here’s the thing – causing and reveling in the pain and suffering of any animal, whether it is one you like or do not like is reprehensible. To use your own words how can you define such “callous disregard for life” as basically “boo boo” or “oppsie”? You ask if we do not think that Ms. Lindsey feels bad about her actions and wishes she had made a different choice. You admonish us for not giving her a chance to apologize and state you believe she wishes she could go back in time. Hellooooooo (channeling my inner teenager here) DID YOU NOT LOOK AT HER FACE? Not only was she not sorry as she listened to the death rattle that was most certainly happening as she held up a dying animal she was excited and happy and celebrating. I ask you what part of that picture makes you think she wants to apologize or change or be redeemed? I am quite sure she would like to go back in time but I doubt that if she did Tiger’s story would end up any happier. She would simply shoot the cat, show it only to her friends, and not post the picture. Therein lies the real issue. It is not the picture that is the main problem. It is the actions and her complete happiness at said actions. It is the look of pride on her face as she holds up that animal with complete disregard for its suffering and it is the mind blowing fact that she thought that the rest of the world would applaud her. This behavior smacks on a sociopathic and narcissistic personality. Personality traits that do not lend themselves to being either redeemed or rehabilitated. You mention that we have not heard her side of the story or given her a chance to apologize. I am curious what could possibly be said? Could she say she thought it was a feral cat? So was the cat my son saved. As were the kittens that now sleep in his top bunk. What would she apologize for? The posting? As I mentioned before that posting is not the problem. It is indicative of the problem. The problem is that she enjoys watching things die, she celebrates a living beings pain. She cannot apologize away that look of joy and excitement. She cannot explain away her exhilaration the cats suffering gave her. They are what they are. And they are frightening.
    Kristen Lindsey does need help, of that I am certain. She very likely needs professional help but in the meantime she has exhibited a love and aptitude for killing. She enjoyed watching that cat die. That is scary. You see, as loathsome as killing an unsuspecting, nonthreatening being is, that was not the worst and most concerning issue. It was that she enjoyed the dying process. That she felt nothing but joy while holding up a suffering animal. You feel that we should we feel sympathy for her in that she might lose her license, was fired, and might face criminal charges. You imply that we should feel guilty and do some soul searching. You question if we are truly compassionate. You imply that we are complacent in ruining her life.
    Let me be very clear. We did not ruin her life, if indeed it is ruined. We did not put that arrow in her bow. We did not pull that string back slowly. We did not carefully take aim. We did not shoot Tiger. We did not do a happy dance with a dying animal in our hands. Ms. Lindsey did. We did not ruin her life. She did that all by her grown up, well-educated adult self. She has absolutely no one to blame for her current situation but herself. She is reaping the consequences of her actions. I cannot speak for the masses, but yes, I absolutely believe she has earned these consequences for her behavior. Yes, I believe I am completely logical and have directed my compassion in the direction that is in need of it. No, I absolutely do not think that makes me biased or unfair or misguided. Should I feel sorry for my children when they misbehave and earn their consequences? No.They are learning. They chose to misbehave and they earned their consequence. Should I feel sympathy for a criminal who raped a sixteen year old? No. I’ll save that for his victim. You see, some actions require sympathy and compassion. Some actions require consequences. Tiger that cat requires sympathy. Kristen Lindsey requires consequences. Tiger was innocent and unsuspecting. Kristen was intent, purposeful and malicious. This is where the difference comes in. Do we all feel sympathy at times for someone that makes a bad choice? Yes, of course. And, we all make bad choices. But it is the caliber and specific action and reaction of the individual after the choice is made that dictates where sympathy and compassion are directed. Ms. Lindsey did not take the cat to the vet and have its pain go away as my eleven year old did. She posted her celebration of his slow and agonizing death on Facebook like my 13 year old would post her birthday party. Getting the difference yet? With any luck her consequence, like we hope the consequences we give our children, will teach her a lesson. I do not think she will suddenly develop a conscience or get over her self-professed love of killing things. That is, most likely, a genetic flaw. We can, however, hope that she will reign in her violent behaviors. Hopefully she will not take aim with a bow and arrow in her back yard again. That would be my hope anyway. Do you think you might feel differently if Tiger had been in those bushes with a child? If that arrow had missed its intended target and found a different one? You see, when our cat escapes my son runs right behind him to bring him back. He crawls into our neighbors bushes to pull him out. As luck would have it, my neighbors are animal lovers themselves and refrain from shooting deadly weapons in their back yard. We cannot know but there is every possibility that because of our reaction and her consequences a different life, or lives, have been saved.
    Forgiveness, rehabilitation, compassion? She is, as you stated a 31 year old, well educated, clinically mature adult. She made a choice to cause pain. She had fun causing pain. She was proud she caused pain. She celebrated causing pain. The public uproar, the loss of her job and the revocation of her medical license are simply natural consequences for her heinous behavior. It is not lack of sympathy or empathy or personal bias or misdirected compassion that has people like me calling for action. It is the opposite. You ask us if the compassion we “purport to have” extends to Kristen Lindsey. I ask you why it should. Empathy requires me to understand and feel what she felt. I am happy to say that is an impossibility. What has she done that evokes sympathy or compassion? She willing and knowingly laughed as an animal slowly died. She did not make a mistake. She did not slip and accidentally stick her arrow through that cats head. You imply that we are less than authentic for not feeling compassion for a 30 something woman that made a conscious and intentional decision and was proud of it. Wait for it…this is the catch – rehabilitation and redemption require regret of your actions. Not only was there no regret there was celebration. She was so proud that she bragged about it. Do I feel compassion for her receiving the consequences to her intolerable behaviors? Not at all. My compassion and will be directed to the victims of our society, my forgiveness to people that really did make a mistake and regretted it the instant it was done. My blessings for redemption and rehabilitation will be directed to people who want to change because they regret their behavior and they themselves feel empathy toward whoever or whatever they hurt. I will not apologize for, or feel that I have been less than honest, for having the opinion that Ms. Lindsey deserves these consequences for her actions. Here is what I tell my children – If you make a bad choice you will get a bad consequence. If you make a good choice you will get a good consequence. She made a bad choice. She is getting her consequence and yes she deserves them. There is no “purporting” going on. No need for the sarcastic quotations. I stand strongly and proudly that I make compassionate, intelligent, fair, and sympatric decisions.
    I (and people like me) will not apologize for taking a stand against the evil in our midst. I will not be made to feel that I am somehow in the wrong. Quite frankly, I do not want to be the good person that does nothing.
    Even more surprising, is the thought process that you have when you ask if a vet is less a vet if they do not like some animals. Here is my answer– YES, IT MADES THEM LESS A VET IF THEY DO NOT LIKE SOME ANIMALS. If a teacher didn’t like boy children would it make them less a teacher? Yep. If a pediatrician did not like girl children would it make them less of a pediatrician? Yep. Because you see, when you enter the veterinarian profession you realize you will be dealing with all kinds of animals. You realize you are in the business of helping animals. So, no, I do not want a vet that kills cats. I do not want a pediatrician that abuses children, I do not want a fireman that is a pyromaniac and I do not want a policeman that is a control freak. Lori 101 – if you don’t like some animals do not become a vet, if you don’t like some children do not become a teacher or pediatrician. If you do not like cake do not open a bakery. Pretty simple really. Here is my question for you: No matter how much you may not like an animal (or person for that matter) where in the name of humanity does it give you the right to kill it and celebrate its pain? Again her actions were not unintentional. That is the basis of our outrage.
    I would further like to give an example of what a good vet exhibits behaviorally and what character traits that lend itself to that profession. Let me use my vet clinic as an example: My vet routinely rescues squirrels, he left his family Fourth of July celebration the day my dog had an emergency and had to be put down, he keeps a supply of the book Ten Good Things about Barney for kids when their animals die. He has donated his time and services to stray animals. He is always discussing someone’s pet, even at his kid’s birthday parties. He obviously has a passion to help all animals. His clinicians are the same. They held that old cat my son found and gave it toys and were sad they could not help her. They made my son and his friend little paw prints and sent them sympathy cards telling them how proud they were of how he helped that cat. These were the hourly paid clinicians and they did it on their own time. So yes, I expect the doctors, clinicians and anyone who works at my vets to like animals. All animals. Anything less is unacceptable. If you have empathy for your patients you will be better at your job whether you are a doctor of humans or animals. Understanding a patients fear, questions and concerns creates an environment much more conducive to healing. Dog or child, our job as parents, teachers, doctors, vets, firemen, and policemen is to make the world a safe place for our charges. If we do not like them they feel it. They do not feel safe. Conversely, they feel lost and lonely. That is the last feeling you want a patient, student or child to feel.
    In the meantime, the up rise against Ms. Lindsey’s behavior is encouraging. People are not sitting back and letting evil prevail. They are doing something. Yeah US!!!! So do not imply that we should somehow be ashamed because we demand that this woman be held accountable for her actions. Do not question our compassion or sympathy. We are not standing by and letting evil prevail. We are teaching our children to have sympathy and empathy. We are teaching them that behavior such as Ms. Lindsey’s is unacceptable and comes with consequences.
    An old Cherokee saying goes “My son, there is a battle of two wolves inside us all. One is evil. One is good. Which one wins? The one you feed.” Kristen Lindsey has chosen, as an adult, to feed the evil. We are feeding the good. My 11 year old son knew that when he saw that old stray cat and his basic humanity dictated that he was supposed to help it, not leave it alone and certainly not to torture it. He picked her up, he fed her, he made her a bed, he and his friend named her. He went to the vet with me. He cried when he found out she could not be saved. He then walked into the room and played with her and talked to her and made her feel safe and loved. Compassion, sympathy, empathy? People like my son deserve our energies directed their way. Because he will grow up and make the world a better place. He already has.
    You have provided us with some though provoking questions and certainly it bears thinking about forgiveness and redemption and the points you make. In this case, however, the consequences that have or might be incurred by Ms. Lindsey seem perfectly in proportion to her actions. She should have been fired. Her school should be horrified. Her license should be revoked. I believe she should be mandatorily placed in a psychiatric facility but that’s just my opinion. Forgive her? Well, I guess that is not my place to answer. Forgiveness would have to come from her victim. The problem with that is – well she put an arrow through his brain and watched him bleed to death. I can state emphatically that I will certainly not waste any sleep worrying about the fact that she may now have to scrub floors for a living with a paper bag over her head. However, to try to answer the question you pose. No, we should not let her get away with a slap on the wrist. We should not revoke any consequences she has or may get. We should hold her accountable for her actions. We should make it clear that she may not hurt, kill or maim. If the woman has to clean toilets for the rest of her life then so be it. Much better people then she do it every day. If we – you, me, anyone – wants to worry about someone’s job security perhaps it should be the homeless man that stands with a sign wanting any job. Or our veterans coming back from active duty who have lost their jobs. How about the wounded warriors? As far as compassion – Head off to the local senior center, hospice, cancer center, animal rescue or abused woman’s shelter. Volunteer to teach homeless children how to read. I stand firm that I, and people like me, are not “purporting” but rather we are strong in our convictions and we are tired of letting evil prevail. If Ms. Lindsey is not held accountable then we are not showing compassion or practicing redemption. We are giving her permission to repeat her offences. Monsters have been roaming this earth since the beginning of time. It is time to make it clear that we will not stand idly by and watch them play anymore.
    No, we are not Purporting. We are Protecting.

    • Yes, that’s what we hear. To people outside of the United States, Texas appears to be a bit of the wild West.

  17. Her actions from the beginning, posting and bragging on a public net highway site, voids her privacy, in these actions she ‘owned’ her actions through her very own words, written! True Confession!
    Her lawyer is paid to do what his client wants, regardless of his recommendations, to which gives question to the character, of such person, accordingly. She is deny, deny, mode, of which further speaks of her character! A good character in a human is to own ones actions, regardless! Especially if it was publicly documented.
    Speaking of lawyers, has one come forward, pro~bona for Tiger’s family? This is Justice for Tiger, as well as, his family. They lost a family member through a crime of cold blooded calculated murder and it was documented with date and time stamps!
    This should be upfront news, at least on a week or bi~weekly broadcast! It would also bring this issue to the forefront, as it is a very disturbing behavior within our society, that is increasing. Animal kills can be an indicator of criminal behavior mindset, a true reality in life! Keeping it out there, puts pressure on the ‘pc’ mentality, no one wants bad publicity! However their lack of attention and action on this matter, is not something to ignore, and perhaps it’s a lesson to the ‘officials’ that it is time to create laws and actions for the protection of the animal kingdom! There are world wide organizations of societies , for the protection of Wild life Breeds of all kinds.
    If one looks at this level of behaviors within “SOCIETY” today, one will see how it is taking a turn along the life evolving path, to which, is, not necessarily for the better..Time brings change, and change brings growth, how do you think we got where we are today, a bit off the foundation of peace, harmony and balance, so time to do a bit of repairing:>) Justice for Tiger is a Great Start and Perfect Face of this movement!

    • Yes, she is a very arrogant and misguided individual who it appears did not realise the gravity and criminality of what she did when she did it although she probably does now!

  18. Her actions from the beginning, posting and bragging on a public net highway site, voids her privacy, in these actions she ‘owned’ her actions through her very own words, written!
    Her lawyer is paid to do what his client wants, regardless of his recommendations, to which gives question to the character, of such person, accordingly.
    Speaking of lawyers, has one come forward, pro~bona for Tiger’s family? This is Justice for Tiger, as well as, his family. They lost a family member through a crime of cold blooded calculated murder!
    This should be upfront news, at least on a week or bi~weekly broadcast! It would also bring this issue to the forefront, as it is a very disturbing

    • Loved your comment, Constance and you make a very good point about where are the pro bono lawyers on behalf of Tiger’s owner. And where is the owner, by the way? Do we know?

      • It is my understanding the family can not afford a lawyer and if I am correct they are so heart broken because Tiger’s body has not been found, and they are remaining in the background, although they are very grateful for the support on behalf of their little Tiger. I believe they are an older couple.

  19. The smile on her face was all I needed to see to know that she ENJOYED killing poor Tiger, a tame neighbor cat. Doesn’t matter if it had been a feral, the fact is she enjoyed killing it! That alone is enough to let me know I would not let her touch any of my pets! She has no respect for life and has no business being a vet…a vocation that usually means the individual cares about the animals. She has proven by what she did and by her statement, that she doesn’t give a damn about the animals. Praying that her license is revoked!

    • My concern is that it is well documented now that people who abuse, injure or kill animals start with animals and then can proceed to people. She seems very narcissistic and self-centered and that with power over more vulnerable animals and people can lead to experimenting with getting away with more. I am not minimizing the cat death. Her attitude is just so bold and blatantly without remorse that there may be something to her being a true psychopath and one that does not have a conscience and will never admit to being wrong.

      • I have said it before but she genuinely believed that what she was doing was okay therefore she appears have been indoctrinated with the idea by her father I suspect.

  20. What part of 1st do no harm does this jack ass attorney and his f**ked up client don’t they understand. Just remember everyone KARMA is a Bitch and this bitch will get hers. I hope she rots in hell stupid cunt.

  21. She took an oath as a vet to do no harm to animals, so this egregious act is, in fact, related to her work as a vet.

  22. If a teacher acts inappropriately with a student, say ..smacks a kid..job gone..license revoked. If a principal threatens a parent (here on long island) ..job gone.
    If architect lies on plans or about permits..license gone..
    She needs to have license to practice revoked.

    • Almost everyone will agree with what you say. It does seem, however, that it is quite difficult for a veterinarian to lose his or her licence. The authorities are very reluctant to provoke a veterinarian’s license as far as I can tell.

  23. Not only did the actions and posting show she is not a caring veterinarian, she clearly states, “veterinarian of the year award, gladly accepted.” If she didn’t want to have her actions subjected to her career, she should haven’t had made that comment.

  24. I have written to Koehn but have received no response. This person who, in my opinion imitates a vet, has very serious issues with judgement in addition to ethics and morals. She callously killed a cat who was not feral (feral or not makes no difference other than lindsey may have been trying to cause anguish to her neighbor), a cat who may have been caught in a trap prior to being killed. She hoisted this poor animal, who may have been alive at the time, like a trophy,posing so her mother could take the pic (so her mother claims on fb). She bragged on her cruelty. Now she is going to say that this poor cat was endangering her or hers, and I ask, by what means? Meowing? If this is what she does in public, who is to say what goes on behind the supposed vet’s door during medical procedures. What if she doesn’t like your pet? What if you rescue a feral for medical care? How many pets left that office actually receiving proper medical care? A thorough investigation is in order here, an actual audit of every case where of every facility in which she was associated.

  25. She’s not good enough to be a Vet ..Her post I saw the same day she shoot that cat in the head with a arrow and bragged about it …sick girl

  26. Didn’t I read that killing a cat, feral or otherwise, was against the law in texas? Wouldn’t that be the connection between killing tiger and ‘criminal activity’ he is stating doesn’t exist?

  27. Using the logic that she should keep her veterinary license because this happened outside of work, then should a policeman be able to keep his job if he commits a crime while he’s off duty?
    Whether you take an oath to protect and serve animals or people, you’re held to a certain standard of conduct that must be held at ALL times

  28. This comment came from the D.A.’ office earlier today;

    “(AUSTIN COUNTY) — The case against a Washington County veterinarian who killed a cat with a bow and arrow and posted the photo to Facebook will not be presented to an Austin County Grand Jury today.

    The Austin County District Attorney’s office says they are actively pursuing statements, records and all other available evidence and information pertaining to the case before they present to the Grand Jury.

    Veterinarian Kristen Lindsey was fired from the Washington Animal Hospital after the photo went viral.

    If convicted of animal cruelty in Texas, Lindsey could get up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine.”

    • Thanks Michele but I don’t understand why there is a Grand Jury today when the prosecution have not got together all the evidence. How can the Grand Jury come to a proper decision?

      • Sorry Michael, I have no idea how the court system works in the USA, but I’m sure one of our American friends will be able to explain to us Brits.

        Having read that review on Yelp earlier today, I’m now concerned as to whether the D.A. will actually prosecute Lindsey. They allege he has a history of fobbing-off animal abuse cases.

        • Michael, think I’ve just twigged. The Grand Jury is similar to the Crown Prosecution Service. The police case and evidence have to be presented to them before they can formally file charges against the accused.

          In the UK the C.P.S. decide whether public prosecutions should proceed or not and this is probably based on the likelihood of a successful conviction. Let’s hope the sheriff’s office did a thorough job of collecting evidence and that there’s at least one cat owner on the Grand Jury.

  29. It would seem that Washington Animal Clinic are still in business and on a goodwill mission to restore their reputation. They’ve just donated $2,000 in equipment to Blinn Veterinary Technology.

    Blood money is not going to erase the public’s memory.

  30. One more thing: I have a friend that is associated with a different animal clinic in Brenham & last week he told me she is being investigated. He also said that even if she is not stripped of her license she’s dead in the water as a vet anyway. He said when a vet is hired the person doing the hiring always does a google search & that’s the first thing that comes up with her name. Who’s going to want that on their staff? I feel pretty confident she’s done with this career.

      • Ms Lindsey’s infamy as a cat killer may already have cost the Washington Animal Clinic their reputation and business. Their own web site has been closed for several weeks now, but I don’t know if they are still actually trading.

        I came across a very interesting comment on Yelp reviews, alleging that Ms. Lindsey was living or visiting with Dr. Buenger (her boss) when all of this took place. If this is true, it means that despite publicly claiming otherwise, he knew all about Ms. Lindsey’s killing of Tiger before it even went public. You can read the rest of the review here …


          • I’m not surprised.

            Some shocking allegations were made in the comments, which could be considered libellous if untrue. On the other hand, if they were speaking the truth, then Ms Lindsey is even nastier than we already think she is.

  31. It’s no secret that an attorney’s job when defending his client is to throw all sorts of things out there to see what sticks. It isn’t unusual for one to overstep & see if any traction comes out of it. He is no legal right to order anyone to do anything at this point; he can only strongly suggest. Anyway, let’s hope his office is so flooded with emails about his decision making process that he dumps her. One can hope!

  32. Hello Michele, Thanks so much for responding and if you know anyone else who would like to write and /or email Mr.Koehn, would really appreciate you passing the info along. Here is his contact info:Mr. Travis Koehn
    Austin County District Attorney
    One E. Main
    Bellville, Texas 77418
    email: datkoehn@industryinet.com You are right about all you say here. She really is a sociopath and does not seem to grasp that there is no difference in a feral animal or a domesticated one except one got lucky and the other poor creature did not ~ They are ALL sentient beings. Besides she really did not even know whether the cat belonged to anyone anyway to begin with. However nothing justifies her cruel and savage behavior. She pledged to care for animals in the most humane way possible by becoming a vet. and she certainly acted far from their principles, whether she was ‘at work’ or in her off hours it amounts to the same thing. Thanks for caring!

    • A sociopath with access to some serious weapons! I mentioned that in my e-mail to the D.A.’s office.

      Now that her face is well known she’ll have a tough time finding work as a vet. How could anyone, especially cat owners, ever trust her to do the right thing for their pet, when we’ve seen what callous regard she has for cats. I imagine that anyone whose cat died whilst under her professional care, will now be second guessing whether she actually did all she could to help them.

      • Yes! We can only hope that at the very least she will no longer be allowed to practice and that her record will be there for anyone in future , should she attempt to get a job elsewhere. Thanks so much for writing and just read a little while ago via another source, that the District Att. is very much aware of this case and although they cannot comment apparently it is supposedly being looked at to go to court. I just want her also to be made aware of how serious her action was and how many people have a real problem with this strange disconnect she is apparently able to incorporate with ease into the way she acts and thinks!

        • She will be forever linked with killing Tiger.

          Whenever I post on F.B. or write to the authorities I make a point of saying how many of us here in the UK are closely following this case. Like many others worldwide, we’re horrified that a vet of all people could commit such a horrendous act of animal cruelty and then brag about it afterwards.

          • Thank you so much Michele, I am really gratified to know this outpouring of concern and caring is not just confined to the state where it happened or even the U.S but one of the best things about the internet is that this kind of information can reach people all over the planet. I have very close associations with the UK and lived as a child in England ~ it has always felt like my spiritual home so it it lovely to have made contact with a fellow animal rights activist as well as everyone here who cares about defending the voiceless ~ Great that Michael is doing this wonderful work too on behalf of cats. Cheers.

  33. In case anyone is interested this is where the situation stands at present~ if you feel you would like to help move this in the right direction it would not be a bad idea to let the Austin District Attorney know your views (politely) Thanks. On Tuesday, Austin County Sheriff Jack Brandes announced that their investigation had ended and the results have been turned over to District Attorney Travis Koehn. Brandes made clear that he is recommending animal cruelty charges for Lindsey.

    “At 7:59 this morning, the Austin County Sheriff has completed the investigation of the Animal Cruelty case first reported to us last Friday,” the Austin County Sheriff said in a statement on Facebook. “The completed case file has been turned over to the Austin County District Attorney for filing of charges under Texas Penal Code 42.092. With the completion of the investigation, the Sheriff’s Office will not release any further comments or updates to this case. Any comments, questions or information requests must be made directly to the District Attorney’s Office.”

    • Val, thank you for this latest update. Do you have an e-mail address for D.A. Koehn as I would like to write to him regarding this case.

      Like others here, I’m following this case closely because I want to see justice for Tiger and make sure Ms Lindsey is never allowed to work with animals again.

      She really is a piece of scum, gloating about killing for fun. She’s an insult to the thousands of genuinely caring vets who are obliged to euthanise healthy animals every day simply because there aren’t enough homes available for them.

      • Michele, if you have any information on Lindsey’s prosecution (if it takes place) please leave a comment asap so I can turn into a post. People are interested in this. Thanks.

  34. I find this statement issued by the attorney so ludicrous, that if it did not concern so serious a matter I would laugh at the sheer audacity and absurdity of it. By taking the life of ANY animal , especially in the savage manner she did , then find it not only acceptable, but something to be proud of by displaying a photo of her ‘kill’ has EVERYTHING to do with her fitness and ability to practice veterinary medicine. At the very least one has to call her mental fitness into question. As a pet owner and animal lover and activist , I cannot begin to imagine trusting her judgement on anything related to animals. I think she has serious issues emotionally.This woman needs to prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We as a civilized society and the only voice for animals MUST ensure they are protected and have rights under the law . Don’t be intimidated by this lawyer-speak~ seems to me he is grasping at straws here and I understood the Sheriffs office is looking to take her to court over this from a recent article I read via facebook. No one who can call themselves humane and a carer of animals could so callously and quite proudly boast of her kill. A feral cat is no different than a house cat except they have not had the good fortune to have been found or cared for by a human or if being fed by someone they cannot be taken in for some reason~ they are still sentient beings like all animals.

    • Thanks for commenting Val. You are correct. He is grasping at straws. It is just bluff really. He is paid to do it. I still don’t have much hope that Lindsey will be successfully prosecuted despite her admission on Twitter.

      • Am trying to see if emailing the sheriff’s dept there can provide any real concrete answers as to the likelihood for her prosecution. Thanks for responding to my comment and more especially for printing this article . If only there was a broader venue in which to reach more people who might be more vocal and to the direct authorities concerned.

    • I wonder, though, if there are more like her but with their true feeling hidden away? I’d bet that there are. She was just arrogant and foolish enough to tell the world that she was unsuited to be a vet.

    • Unfortunately there are others ~ but none that I know of who have made it as public as she did. Anyone who thinks they have encountered a vet who does have problems liking or treating any animal should report them ~ they have no business treating any animals

  35. I am upset by their attempt to separate her callous act of murdering a docile pet and medically treating pets in her veterinary practice. What split personality? How can she show kind, gentle compassion and then hunt, kill and gloat? She can’t! Lindsey has made the first legal move. I have mentioned this before but why can’t Tiger’s family file suit against her. I’m sure, if needed, some animal rights groups could help financially. Experts could be called in to testify the photo was Tiger. Any legal expenses could be recovered from Lindsey in what should be a slam dunk judgement.There is a photo, at least two eye witnesses (although her parents will be hostile), verbal admission and several other witnesses after the fact. A civil trial and judgement could help push the DA into filing criminal charges. This has went on far too long and by the act of Lindsey hiring an attorney and the tone of his letter you can see she has no remorse and no intent to admit or try to right her wrong. #justiceforTiger

    • Agreed completely. Lindsey will fight for this to go away and it probably will and one day she’ll be practicing veterinary medicine somewhere perhaps under a pseudonym. That is how the world works usually. Sometimes I hate it.

      • Well… her face is all over the internet, and not for a good reason.
        Google returns 5,960,000 results about her.

        I think that her life as she knew it is over.
        Good riddance.

        • Yes, it is almost irrelevant what the authorities do because the internet and public opinion will be a form of punishment. That said there are a lot of people who want to see her convicted and sentenced on principle.

          • Agreed,
            I also want to see her before a court of justice, my point was that she has been branded with a red iron for the rest of life, not for 6 months with probation in 5 months.

  36. Ms. Lindsey lost her rights for privacy and respect the minute she posted that God awful picture of herself holding a dying Tiger dangling on the end of well aimed arrow. Kristen Lindsey too a vow to protect, serve and save animals. NO doctor, nurse or any other medical professional I know goes “Off the clock”, on the contrary, they are ‘on’ for the rest of their lives. I know several people in the Veterinary world and they would NEVER pass up a chance to help an animal in need. Taking out their archery sets and blasting arrows through their heads then posting the picture with an arrogant comment is the last thing on their list of things to do. Let’s NOT forget her comment in the picture, “The only good feral Tom cat is a dead one”. Followed by, “Aren’t you worried about getting fired?” to which she replied. ‘Like they would get rid of me, I am so awesome!”…SHE SAID THAT KNOWING FULL WELL WHAT POSTING THAT PICTURE WAS GOING TO DO…she was advertising herself to the world as a real “Bad ass” and it turned around and bit her so badly she is running for cover, hired this pompous attorney to give us a ‘cease and desist” order…which only a JUDGE can issue..Kristen is trying to pull out some serious damage control and unfortunately for her, and fortunately for us…it isn’t going to work. I will not rest on this…I will continue to file complaint after complaint, letter after letter, email after email until this woman receives the punishment she so richly deserved.

    • As far as feral cats go, I have had a colony for over 10 years now. I feed all year long. They are all TNR. I have several areas that have heat lamps inside of shelters. I have lost a couple do to old age, which were buried on my property. In summer time i get a lot of enjoyment from them. Some trust me so much that they come onto my deck and sit with me while I pass out treats. This so called vet, should have lost her job and she should be charged. That was animal cruelty at best.

    • I agree completely with Susan. Isn’t Ms Lindsey showing her guilt when someone asks her if she is worried about being fired & she responded that won’t happen, shes too awesome. How can she stand there and have the dead cat in front of her & claim she didn’t do it then claim she wouldn’t be fired because she’s awesome!


  37. Off topic for a wee bit,keep a look out for one “Courtney Robertson”,unbeknownest to me until last night this woman Courtney started a page (Friends Of Tiger)to garner monetary donations and when investigated by my admins on my Tiger page of 1 who is an actual 501c3 she started attacking my admins because she refused to post her nonprofit status and because of this fiasco she almost ruined my gofundme cause to get Tigers portrait painted,she blasted my name on her instagram page spewing false allegations,this woman is off the rails and I sent her a scathing facebook PM blasting her then she turns around and post my message on her instagram page and edited out alot of wot I said to her,even made a claim I was the one painting Tigers portrait and profiting from his death but here is the kicker,she now is saying she has Kristen Lindsey’s personal celly # and they have been talking,like I said this twit is off the rails!


  38. As a feral caretaker as well as my support for the SPCA TNR program,I was greatly horrified of Ms Lindsey”s actions.Her rights went out the door when she posted that disturbing picture on the internet and bragged about it.She is a Vet,a doctor who took an oath to protect,heal,love animals.She has no right to be in the position of a caring animal doctor.She has sent the world a clear message of who she really is.I Know the Texas Board of Vets have high standards who they license,I hope they send a message of their own to protect their commitment of excellence for this wonderful profession!As a Rn,I take my oath serious,you protect it,you nurture it,you love it but most of all YOU LIVE UP TO IT!

  39. The whole tone of the letter is extremely arrogant. It more or less says Lyndsey doesn’t think she did anything wrong and doesn’t have to answer to anyone, so leave her alone or else! The lawyer or his secretary can’t spell feral either.

    I see she’s still trying to legitimise what she did by referring to Tiger as feral. She’s a pretty crappy vet if she can’t distinguish between a feral and a well cared for pet cat at close range.

    Whether any formal action is taken against her or not, her name will forever be associated with killing a pet cat.

    • The problem is that if her license is not revoked, she can legally move to another part of the state, change her name, and start practicing again, or just move to another state and apply for a new license in another state with a new name! If her license is revoked in TX, she would have to report it before applying in another state! This needs to be reviewed by the board and they have procedures for doing an investigation that cannot be interfered with by any attorney! She had to agree to the terms in order to get her license in the first place! This case needs to be prosecuted to send a message to her and all animal abusers that not only the public, but the courts will not tolerate the senseless and cruelty of killing innocent animals without just cause! Simply saying that feral cats are open game is not a defense because even feral cats feel pain and are only trying to survive because of someone else’s cruelty and abandonment! They are no different from someone’s pet and in this case was someone’s pet, mistakenly presumed to be feral by an unprofessional, heartless vet! She deemed herself judge and jury for Tiger, and she found him to worthy of a death sentence…which was wrong on her part! She used poor judgement in killing the cat and posting it on the Internet and doesn’t deserve to practice veterinary medicine anywhere…in fact, she should be prohibited from ever owning a pet of her own!!!

      • Thanks Linda for commenting. You make a good point about changing name and state. She might get away with it.

  40. when this letter is sent out to everyone how complained, you have 10 days to respond. Lindsey will be given the responses and have one final opportunity for rebuttal. The public does not get to see that final response.
    The board review will be interesting, this case can either go to the Medical Review (medical judgment or practice) or Staff Committee Review (administrative issues). Personally I am hoping for Staff Committee.The medical review is done only by two veterinarian and historical results are not consistent leading me to believe decisions are not base solely on objective evidence. The Staff committee involve not only board vets, but the executive director, director of enforcement, member of board staff assigned to investigate the complaint, and general counsel (lawyers)I think there is a better chance for success in a forum not only composed of veterinarian

  41. Wouldn’t it be great if this actually results in a loss of business for the attorney, and for the inhumane vet?
    That may be all the justice we see, but I do hope she loses her license, in addition to losing business. Who would take their animal to her after this? People who aren’t online, or aware of what’s happened, or those who think she was right? Maybe those who have pets, and also shoot other domestic animals?

    • It might not surprise you, Sandy, but she does have some supporters. Quite a few in fact. Someone started a fundraising campaign for her!

      I suppose there are a lot of people who (a) hate cats (b) love hunting (c) like killing cats.

  42. As for her privacy, she threw that out the door when she posted the merciless photo of her cruelty to animals. She brought this on herself, and will now pay the price for her evil narcissist self promotion. I would say that she ultimately has lost her career because of her barbarian behavior, and thank God for that for the animals. In this matter I would say that public opinion rules, and she loses.

  43. Well, naturally ol’ Bri is going to defend the skank. He’s getting paid for it. That bit about the cease and desist order is a scare tactic. I don’t know much about law, but even I know that only a judge can issue such an order. That just tells me that Lindsey has retained a scumbag just like her. Good luck with this case, Brian. Try something else.

  44. I sent him a scathing email and telling him that his threat of cease and desist does NOT scare me and also that letter is not legal since only a Judge can order a cease and desist letter,I told him we will NOT go away and that Tigers supporters will be there for his parents until there is a conviction!

      • Additionally, if you’ll notice, the so-call “cease and desist” order was NOT written on law firm letterhead. What attorney sends an official missive without doing so on his firm’s letterhead? Most peculiar.

        • Thanks for that observation Judith. You could be right. It may not have the letterhead because it has been trimmed off when published on the internet but I don’t know.

          • It is driving me crazy….WHY are people referring to this “pet cat” as a “feral cat”?? He is obviously the neighbors pet cat…..NOT a feral cat just living in the streets and alleyways. My ex-husband is a veterinarian and they too, as well as human doctors, take an oath to protect and do their very best to heal these precious animals that depend on them. This so called veterinarian needs to have her license pulled and to be band from EVER practicing veterinarian medicine ever again, that is AFTER she gets out of prison….this to me is a felon, and should she be charged with a felon it is an automatic loss of her license. Praying for the family of this precious cat and for all of the other animals she more than likely HAS abused in her practice. I am retired from Family & Children Services and it is a known fact that someone who abuses animals will more than likely abuse children and the elderly. She has GOT to be stopped before she has anymore opportunities!!!! We must all stick together, maybe even sending petitions to the Veterinarian Board there in Texas and to Colorado State Veterinary School where she received her degree, to have her records permanently closed and pulled, if possible.

            • It seems that some people wish to defend her by saying that the cat was a feral cat. In addition, initially, there was some talk of the cat being a feral cat. Now, it is pretty much common knowledge that the cat was a domestic cat belonging to an neighbour. It is rather strange that we don’t know anything about the neighbor and neither have we heard from them in any way at all.

              Thanks for commenting. Your sentiments are shared by more than 90% of the people.

            • I’ve been saying the same thing! She took an oath that’s no different than a human physician/doctor taking the same oath except for humans..so where’s the difference & further more what’s even scarier are all these people along with Kristen who think there’s nothing wrong with this infamous act!

      • Mr. Broad, I must do this or I will scream. I’m sorry, I’m a grammar nazi and I can’t help it. Please check your spelling..*defense* not defence. Great write up, by the way.

        • Hello Remona. In the UK people spell defence as I have spelt it! In America they use an ‘s’. You don’t know this but I live in London, UK and therefore I spell it with a ‘c’ but sometimes I make sure it is spelt in the American way. I usually use American spelling by the way. Sometimes I mix the two because this site is international, getting visitors across the world but most visitors come from America. I’ll amend it right now just you!

          Thanks are visiting and commenting.

    • Do you read this the same as me. Is this attorney actually telling the board to cease and desist from contacting Lindsey? Are you kidding me?!?

        • While I am not defending this horrible woman or her attorney, I did want to say that he can tell them to quit contacting Lindsey. Since she had an attorney, they can request that all contact be made through her legal counsel.

          • Yes, good point, Kat. I had assumed that they would contact her lawyer but perhaps the board didn’t know she was represented at the time they contacted her. He also demands that they cease to contact her family. It would surprsing if he represented her family. In fact he probably can’t for reasons of potential conflict of interest.

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