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Lazy 5 Vets Needlessly Killed Client’s Cat Then Chopped His Head off and Billed Her — 38 Comments

  1. scott smith

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    a year ago-Worst vet experience ever. Poor management and policies forced me to lose my dog to quarantine for 10 days. Totally avoidable. No apologies, just incompetence. Worst vet experience ever.


    Response from the ownera year ago

    We apologized for this unfortunate situation numerous times to your wife. Even though we had highly trained employees handling your pet in a fear-free environment, pets can still bite. When this happens, we are confined by state and local law and must report the pet to animal control. That is the law, not a procedure that can be negotiated with management. Animal control has the ultimate authority when pets need to be quarantined. There are new state laws in the process of being passed that are more lenient on animal bite quarantines but the local level has to adopt them. There is nothing that we can do about this as we explained to your wife numerous times. This is a procedure that is supposed to be followed at all animal hospitals, not a reflection of poor management or policies that we put into place.
    We gave discounted boarding rates and offered free bath for your pet upon leaving. We did and continue to apologize for this experience for you and your family but we are following the laws set forth by our state and county officials.

    So this isn’t the first time there has been this scenario.

  2. Dear Posters: Who among you has ever met Starla Daniel, the woman who posted these accusations? Who among you has ever been a client of Lazy 5 Vets? If you have never met Starla, or if you have never been a Lazy 5 client, why do you feel you have the knowledge/information to make an informed, intelligent comment here?

    I have never met Ms. Daniel. I will not attack her here.

    However, I HAVE been to Lazy 5 Vets many, many times. This clinic is so professional and SO dedicated to pet care. EVERY SINGLE PERSON on their payroll is a heart-and-soul animal lover. None of you posters know the whole story here. Nor, do I. But, be sure of this: I would trust MY OWN life to the Lazy 5 Vets! (And, certainly both of my cats’ lives.) Back up, people. Assess. Please don’t attack innocent strangers. They do not deserve this, I am sure of that.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Thanks Catherine. I agree in principle but things can go wrong even in good places and if that is the case the cat’s owner has a right to tell the story. If we believe Starla, it seems to me that the person who behaved unprofessionally is the vet tech (one person in the entire establishment). It is she who has caused this by not protecting herself against a cat bite. It is as small an issue as that but the consequences are big. If she had worn gloves KitKat would be alive today and there would be no rumpus and criticisms.

    • Thank you. We are also clients and they have cared for five of our pets over the last 10 years and we have received nothing but exceptional care. The doctors and the vet staff are so caring and involved

  3. So… they threaten to sue instead of simply posting a statement regarding the incident. Sounds like an attempt at intimidation to silence a journalist who simply REPOSTED A PERSON’S COMPLAINT. They just keep sounding more and more wrong…

    • I agree that. They could have responded properly by now. And the threat to sue is probably empty. To sue in defamation is hard.

    • My bad vet slapped me in the face with her lawyer. I dug in deeper. It’s an attempt to shut the victims down. I’m sure they’re wailing at FB too.
      Something went wrong here but as usual the vets are going to rely on their professional expertise stance to get away with it.
      If you sift through this, disregard all the emotion you see an 18 year old cat was destroyed because he bit someone who should have been more careful. That’s just the meaty core of what happened the rest will flesh itself out if the owners follow through. I got the statement that my bad vet sent to the SVB only because I sued and went though discovery.
      back to the 10 day holding. Almost without fail pets who bite and have owners or a vaccination record are quarantined at HOME. Very few cases end up mandated to a secure kennel at a vet or shelter.
      So we have an 18 year old cat who may or may not have had cancer but the cancer is not relevant in this case really who nipped a tech and ended up dead with the head being cut off and sent to a lab.
      Add to this that the SVB handles discipline for veterinarians. Very few of those cases end up before a board hearing instead they are if found at any fault offered what amounts to plea deal that is often little more than a few hundred dollars.
      Suing is difficult and costly and you will need to hire a lawyer to get an expert witness to even consider testifying in your case. The law says your pet is worth what a replacement is. Yes your beloved pet has no value beyond what it costs to go the shelter and get a new one.

        • Sometimes it’s best to step back for a bit and let the dust settle and see what comes out of it.
          I repeat there is something off here because the two sides are so polar opposite. Usually you can see a kernel of truth in the mix up but this time quite honestly none of this makes sense.

          • Thank you, ME KIng. Sanity reigns. Something is definitely off here. Lazy 5 Vets is an exceptional veterinary clinic. Their people are extraordinary. They don’t deserve this slander, I am sure.

            • Be careful about calling it slander Catherine because you don’t know if it is or not. Starla made a very forceful statement that has the ring of truth about it. Why would she do this if it was fiction?

            • Something is off but something set this off. BTW my freaking horrible monster under the bed so called veterinarian had lots of people just like you calling her the best vet in the world.
              It is possible they are wonderful vets and staff and something went very wrong but they are handling it poorly. Quite literally they could have shut this down before it got to FB there are standard protocols good vets use when something bad happens and they are indeed responsible.
              I am waiting to see if the owner files with the SVB and the AG. If she does I tend to side with the cat owner. Filing a false report there might indeed leave them open to a lawsuit. If they don’t file then they are simply mouth-breathers who may or may not be telling the truth but are not willing to advocate for their cat.

  4. My heart broke reading this article. This is unconscionable. There was absolutely no reason for the veterinarian to send away KitKat for testing when his rabies vaccine was up to date at their very own clinic. Very bad judgment on the veterinarian’s part and now CYA. In the interim KitKit lost his life and did not deserve to die this way no matter how ill he was. My heart totally goes out to his griefstricken owner. KitKat can never be brought back, but this clinic needs to learn a lesson to prevent the same fate from occurring to other animals and their companions, although it has probably happened before.

  5. Micheal one of our adopters took their 10 month old fully vetted kitten to them they also had been her vet for years.. The comment and innuendo was “WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ITS A RESCUE CAT” . They also told her the kitten was sick because the previous cat who died at 8 years of age from FIP (?) the kitten is probably getting FIP from contamination in the house from the deceased 8 year old .

  6. Micheal one of our ad took their 10 month old fully vetted kitten to them they also had been her vet for years.. The comment and innuendo was “WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ITS A RESCUE CAT” . They also told her the kitten was sick because he previous cat who died at 8 years of age from FIP the is probably getting FIP from contamination in the house from the deceased 8 year old .

  7. I practice law in NC and have handled animal-related cases in that very county. The owner needs to get legal help immediately. Not only is there a personal injury claim for veterinary malpractice (& vets carry insurance to cover these claims), but the owner should immediately make a complaint to the state veterinary board to see to it that those responsible receive professional discipline. Please pass the word along.

    • If the owner is telling the absolute truth she has a case. My husband and I made the decision to tell only the truth as it was no matter what no matter how much we could have embellished it because we knew we were 100% in the right. At the very least this veterinarian violated the standard of care. One point to anyone defending this. If every pet owner lived in fear of having their pet put down and it’s head chopped off after because it bit, scratched or nipped someone at a clinic no one would ever take their pets in unless it was a dire emergency. The complaint to the SVB should be supplemented by one to the AG. They may refer it back to the SVB but you now have a complaint against this clinic in the AG office. Something truly off kilter happened here but the one that paid the price is Kitkat and her guardians.

      • ME, it seems to me that the hospital is generally good or very good but if Starla is telling the truth (and her statement rings true) the problem was that one person, the vet tech, failed to listen to her client and protect herself/himself from a cat bite. If she had all this would have been avoided. So things can go wrong in the best places. A small problem caused a big fallout.

  8. This is from personal experience Michael. The first step when a veterinarian really screws up is to discredit the guardian making the complaint. I went to their FB page and they are all just so upset over the negativity. CYA it’s cover your backside time for them and the best way to do that is to make the pet owner look like a hysterical unreasonable nutcase.
    As with the monster that killed our Kitten the acolytes of the bad vet will emerge with their heartwarming stories and gratitude. It’s something you can’t quite understand as they pit the wonders of when an incompetent vet gets it right against the horror and pain and suffering caused when they screw up and it gets caught. I hope they get sued.

    • I imagine if anyone gets sued it’s going to be a defamation suit filed by Lazy 5. This is a wonderful facility and it is mind-blowing how quickly perfect strangers are believing a perfect stranger and her recount of what happened without any knowledge or proof of their own. It will all come out and right now it is in the right place with the proper boards thank goodness.

      • They won’t sue. Waste of time because the hospital made a mistake. The statement fails to address the central issue: why the vet tech was bitten when she was warned about the possibility.

  9. I read about this some time ago. I have news for anyone who sides with the clinic that pulled this one off. Staff at clinics get bitten all the time.
    I believe it was discussed here that a simple titer would have show that the cat had adequate antibodies to protect it from having rabies and it’s important to know that most veterinarians and some staff handling sick animals take the rabies protocol to protect themselves and ,,,wait for it,,,USE TITERS TO DETERMINE WHEN AND IF THEY NEED A BOOSTER.
    The standard of care here is so far below par the vet should be sanctioned and the owners should be able to sue and in some cases punitive damages may be allowed. It is in New Mexico if not they should go for a higher court and make this band of negligent nut case unprofessional cretins pay out the backside.

    I guess it’s time to ask your vet before they handle your animal if they use pre-exposure vaccination for themselves and their staff.

  10. As I think I reported here last year, almost the same thing happened to me and the cat I brought to emergency on her fateful day. I only had her two weeks but I loved her… and she did not deserve to die so needlessly. I named her Aubry and I brought my fight about her to the state board. A total of three animal care facilities made egregious, cascading errors and poor judgements: the emergency hospital, animal control (shelter) and the crematory. We put entirely too much trust in these people who lord their power over our loved ones, and us.

    The biggest unanswered question here, imo, is why they failed to verify by their own records that putting him down wasn’t necessary. What good are the records or even the vaccinations? Given that cats are not likely carriers of rabies in the first place, is it just a money grab? I think so.

    I’m so, deeply sad about this episode, as I’ve been through it too.

    • This isn’t a money grab this is chain reaction stupidity. I encourage everyone to look up their states Veterinary professional conduct rules and state laws regarding standard of care required by a veterinarian.
      Their first stop should be a lawyer followed by complaints to the SVB followed up by a complaint filed to the Attorney General.

    • You do not know this situation, as you were not present. Please, do not make assumptions based on a post written by someone you don’t know. This clinic is above reproach and is loved by their community. Believe my opinion or the opinion of the grieving pet owner. Your choice, of course. But, please think of all involved before you jump to conclusions in a chat room. Thanks.

      • I agree in general what you say but Starla’s impassioned plea for justice on her FB page must mean something. It rings very true although it is her side of the story. This sort of animal hospital behaviour has happened before. The cat was old, had cancer and bit a vet tech. Over and out for the cat. But it was it did not have to happen.

      • Exactly! People are so quick to point fingers and to show their true nasty colors. It’s pitiful when they don’t even know who this person is that posted this or have even stepped foot into Lazy 5

        • There has been a statement from the hospital. I’ll write on that shortly. There is no doubt in my mind that the hospital made a mistake and it resulted in the unnecessary euthanasia of KitKat.

  11. Oh, I want to cry. From sadness and anger both. I hope she brings some kind of a civil suit against those SOB’s. No excuse. How totally horrific. My heart hurts for her. I might try to look her up on Facebook. I hope she reports this to whatever governing authority for vets is in North Carolina. And I hope she sues them. Sickening monsters. 😢💔

    • It would have incensed me. I would have been raving at them. But by all accounts this animal hospital is good and has a good reputation. The problem, if we are to believe Starla (and I do), is that one person, the vet tech, screwed up. She failed to listen to her client and protect her hands and arms (I am guessing that she was bitten on her hand). If she has covered up all this would not have happened.

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