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Leading British Naturalist and Wildlife Presenter Chris Packham Changes Mind about Domestic Cat Predation — 11 Comments

  1. Many unbiased studies have shown,cats are not to blame.But cat haters do not believe in facts. Cats and other animals,with the exception of livestock,which pollute and destroy the land,have never been the problem. Too many people creates the extinction…..loss of habitat,poisons,the killing of predator animals,run off from factory farms,etc.

  2. LOL!!! I love how deeply they shove their biased heads up their own behinds. LOL! Didn’t bring any dead animals home doesn’t prove they aren’t killing any. LOL

    • This is like those TNR fools who like to claim a reduction of feral cats by counting how many are brought into shelters to be killed. Of course fewer are being brought into shelters. TNR fools try to convince everyone to re-abandon them back out on the streets to die under the wheels of cars instead of humanely destroyed in a shelter. Brain-dead much?

      Claiming that there are fewer destructive invasive-species cats roaming free by comparing them to the number of shelter intakes is just as phenomenally stupid, manipulative, and ignorant as claiming there are fewer rusting cars on the sides of all the roads, leaking all their toxic fluids and heavy metals into the environment, just because people didn’t take them to the local junkyard for responsible and ecologically safe disposal.

      Even someone with a 3rd-grade background in arithmetic could see beyond this inane and blatantly manipulative tactic of theirs. Did any of you even graduate from grammar-school?

  3. I can only imagine the tirade Gail/Woody is going to unleash when it sees this. A respected public figure changes his mind and takes a different view on cat predation? Heavens! What is the world coming to?

    For all its ranting and raving, Woodster conveniently ignores one fact: the species on earth that is driving countless animals to extinction is human, not feline.

    • And guess which, out of ALL HUMANS ON EARTH, are destroying more wildlife and driving more species to extinction than any other — THOSE WITH THEIR MAN-MADE AND MAN-PROMOTED CATS.

      That be YOU!

      Cats ARE an activity of humans. If you were never born none of your destructive vermin would be anywhere on earth today.

      Out of ALL human activity on earth, people’s cats are destroying more wildlife than ANY OTHER CAUSE.

      Got it? No, didn’t think so, your head is too firmly and permanently planted where the sun don’t shine. 🙂

      • Gail, Woody, whatever name you’re calling yourself today. You are still so boring. *Yawns.*

        Have you considered prescription medication? I’m sure there’s a pill for what ails you. Do us all a favor and take a fatal overdose. With you gone, the verbal pollution levels on the internet will drop instantly.

        See what I did? I didn’t have to use bold letters, I didn’t have to use all caps. And you read my post anyway. Got it?

      • Oh and BTW: thanks for proving my point, Gail/Woody. I said you’d go ballistic and you misbegotten fool, that’s exactly what you did. Point proven, case closed. Bye.

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