Leading Polish politician reads cat book as PR stunt during Parliamentary debate

Polish politician reads cat book in Parliament during debate

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When the head of the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS), Kaczyński, was photographed reading “Atlas of Cats: Wild and Domestic” during a Parliamentary debate on controversial plans to overhaul the country’s justice system, it looked like a PR stunt to try and soften the hardline image of this politician and his party.

The need for the image change came about because PiS is in hot water with the EU Commission. The EU politicians see the change in Polish law as contrary to basic EU principles. As I recall Poland wants politicians to decide on judges appointments and that is against the important concept of the independence of the judiciary.

Poland is slightly (greatly?) out of step with the EU despite being part of it and benefiting from it through billions of euros in grants. It is another example of the stresses plaguing the EU at present.

The thought that this is a PR stunt comes from one another politician, Beata Mazurek (no doubt with competing ideas), but if she is incorrect then Kaczyński likes cats. Hallelujah, we like cat lovers. And the debate must have been very boring.

Source: politico.eu.

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  1. The U.S. president appoints Supreme Court Justices, our current president’s one of few “achievements” in his first year. It’s a problem. He’s a problem, in case anyone’s been living under a rock. The whole world is laughing or crying at what an idiot he is.


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