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The words ‘legal’ and ‘cruelty’ should never go together in one sentence. But they do in many places on the planet. One reason will be because there are no laws to protect the cat against human abuse. The classic example is China. China is a country that will do anything to get ahead and they do not give a damn what other people think. Incidentally we feed that attitude by allowing them to manufacture the world’s goods as we are addicted to consumerism in the West. In China they farm tigers for tiger parts and half kill domestic and feral cats before killing them for fur and food (cat meat).

Enough of China. Neighboring countries such Vietnam are similarly cruel in their general attitude towards the cat. I say ‘generally’. There are people in these countries who are protective of the cat and good caretakers but if the law allows cat cruelty then the people of that country allow it. Although I also recognise that it is a big challenge to change dictatorships.

Another reason why cruelty is in effect legalised is because of a lack of enforcement. Mexico is a classic example. They have decent animal welfare laws as a shop window of respectability.  In reality there is widespread animal abuse and wild animal smuggling. This is all due to a lack of enforcement.

In Britain there are good animal welfare laws and they are enforced (sort of). The hard part in enforcing animal welfare laws against cat cruelty is finding the perpetrators. It is very easy to kill a cat secretly and get away with it (e.g. mothballs). The following are factors that allow perpetrators of cat cruelty to get away with it even in countries were there are decent animal welfare laws and enforcement:

  • Lack of real commitment from police to prosecute animal cruelty. Animals are third class citizens.
  • A domestic cat might be a stray. He has no ‘owner’. There is no one to look after his welfare and interests.
  • A lack of relations and networks. Humans are connected to other humans and those connections are easy to trace. Often crimes against the person are committed by people who know each other. A domestic cat has no human relatives other than the ‘owner’.
  • A cat has no voice. They can’t speak the language.
  • The final reason is that there is a culture that has developed that overrides the strict law and makes the law passive and almost obsolete. If an act is illegal under the law but the perpetrator is rarely punished the de facto position is that illegality becomes legal.

The last factor is present in parts of the United States of America in my humble opinion. And, please, I don’t want people saying I have no right to criticise other countries. This is one planet and we are all on it.

We don’t know but as a guess, I’d say that that hundreds of thousands of feral, stray and domestic cats are shot by Americans with .22 rifles and other guns every year. People do this for fun or to stop the cat wandering onto their land or because they hate cats. It could be any reason. One of these people calls himself “Woodsman“. Woodsman has aliases, unsurprisingly. One of his internet names is: Reality Czech. Reality Czech made this comment:

It wasn’t until I STOPPED arguing and did what needed to be done, SHOOT ALL CATS, that my land, all the wildlife, and my life itself started to return to normal. I no longer have to go out twice a day on cat-patrol to shoot more cats nor waste more time and energy burying them to protect wildlife from the diseases they carry. You can see the full comment thread on this page.

Another of his names is Nature Advocate. He writes this in a comment:

EVERY cat; kitten to adult, male & female, collared or not, stray or feral; that touches paw to my land gets instantly sterilized with a .22. Problem solved 100%. This is the post.

Others prefer to poison the cat and they get away with it too.

These ‘shooters’ are often so arrogantly confident in their distorted behavior that they brag about it online. They declare their hatred for the cat and support their perverted behavior through spurious and distorted ‘evidence’ and partial and inaccurate quotes of the law. They are on a mission to save the world from the all conquering cat! They admit to animal cruelty. It is as straightforward as that.

These people are never prosecuted. Sometimes the police chief joins in….

THAT’S when he himself advised that I just shoot every last one of your lousy invasive species cats. Not even HE could reason with people like you. (Woodsman)

Is shooting cats classified as animal cruelty in the USA? Well, yes, in my opinion but like many laws it lacks clarity sometimes. Also in the USA each state has its own animal welfare law, which complicates things. But commonsense dictates that shooting a cat will cause pain even for a short time before death and the willful inflicting of pain on a cat without due cause must be animal cruelty and the animal welfare laws in the USA are advanced laws so must include the above.

Just taking two states at random, Pennsylvania and Colorado. Shooting cats in these states is a crime. See the relevant law: Colorado and Pennsylvania.

Unless someone can correct me, I will presume that shooting cats without reasonable reason or defense under statute (and a cat trespassing on someone’s land is not a good reason), is a crime across all or most of the USA.

When a person such as Woodsman on this website brags and rants about shooting hundreds of cats and others brag about poisoning them on the internet, why aren’t these people traced?

Every computer has a unique address; an IP address. Police can trace people through their IP address. In the UK, the police can trace twitter trollers who make defamatory remarks against another or commit internet harassment of another person. It is an up-and-coming area of the criminal law. Some rioters from the Tottenham riots last year in London were apprehended after they incited riots on the internet. I think it was Facebook.

Woodsman IP address is: He also uses: His email is Why can’t the police find him? Can someone in the USA report his comments and IP address to the police? Is there a specialist department in the USA who are able to investigate? Perhaps in the USA the police don’t deal with animal cruelty. It does not matter. The law needs to be upheld.

His IP address tells me he lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Using another online tool, that appears to be more accurate, I have discovered that Woodsman lives in Clearwater (Minnesota) in United States. This is near St. Paul. St. Paul is part of the Minneapolis/St.Paul conurbation (sprawl). See the map below. Note: this is a small area of a dozen or so streets. The IP Postal Code (IP Zip Code) is: 55320.

View Larger Map

There has got to be a way of tracking him down. Shooting cats is a crime. It is morally indefensible. It should be stopped. The police have a civic duty to stop it.

Note to Woodsman: Please leave another comment as your IP address will be automatically recorded again so if you are using a different computer we’ll know your other locations.

101 thoughts on “Legal Cat Cruelty – Find Woodsman”

  1. Okay so I’ve seen the neighbor’s cats killing birds, and so they must be homeless cats? And I’m being a bit silly?

    Woodsman is right. You cat people are idiots.

    • Sorry, it is you who is the idiot. You just don’t get it or don’t want to get or you are troll. As Dee suggests you are probably Woodsman or one of his clan, No one says what you said in this comment and stays on PoC. You are banned.

  2. Hello, I just told you I’ve seen the cats killing many birds, so it’s not just the people.

    Yes, but the cats would not be there but for the people letting them breed and bringing them with them. Why can’t you understand that simple fact?

    Also 99% of people have one or two cats and are nice people. So you can move to somewhere where there are nice people with one cat who don’t want to poison dogs or people.

    Sorry Jes, but you are being a bit silly.

  3. Hello, I just told you I’ve seen the cats killing many birds, so it’s not just the people. The cats are killing many birds, lizards, and other types of small animals. And suggesting that I move is ridiculous. All the cat people think it is normal to make threats.
    No I don’t feel safe around cat people, but where would I move exactly, as the only place to be safe would be somewhere with no cats.

    • Jes you sound quite paranoid to me, talking about cat people wanting to kill you and your dogs being poisoned and all. Cat people don’t go around killing dogs or people even though cat haters make their life unpleasant for them.
      Your neighbours would be highly unlikely to put poison down or spray poison into the air because it would harm their cats too.
      You seem to have a down on all cats and cat lovers, most of us are responsible and care for our cats properly.
      They may not be your neighbours cats you see, they may be abandoned homeless cats killing birds etc, that is Nature, a hungry animal kills to survive, it’s called the food chain.
      Don’t lower yourself to Woody’s level hating cats and wanting them all dead, the cats are the innocent ones, it’s people to blame as always!
      Live and let live Jes.


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