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Legal Duty of Cat Owner To Provide A Suitable Environment — 7 Comments

  1. I totally agree too; filth and clutter are 2 different things. I feel so sorry for that lady and her miserable vile neighbours. I’m so glad she kept her cats and got the help she needed I know for certain I would have helped had she lived near me. Why can’t people just live and let live?

  2. It’s crazy! The RSPCA pursue this poor woman to Court for her house being a mess yet they ignore reports about dogs shut outside in filthy kennels and barely exercised, if they do visit they more often than not say as long as the dog is fed and has adequate shelter what can they do, they give the owner advice, but say they’ve no proof of neglect!
    It’s surely worse for an animal, cat or dog, being confined and sitting in filth than the house they have free range in being messy. As long as cats have good food, fresh water and a clean bed I think they are far happier than living in a house where it’s so spotless they aren’t even allowed on the furniture. I’ve been in some mucky houses but the cats haven’t been unhappy.

    • Agreed. Clutter and dust and some dirt which does not affect a person’s health surely cannot affect a cat’s health. What is detrimental to a cat’s health will be the sort of filth that can cause disease or make it more likely that the cat will contract a disease. That, and only that should be the criteria for deciding whether a house is unsuitable for a cat in respect of the cat’s welfare. My impression is that the RSPCA did not follow this simple commonsense rule.

  3. Mess and clutter are irrelevant.
    Filth and unhealthy situations like widespread excement, rodent and bug infestations, and moldy foods are totally different.

    • Absolutely, my thoughts as well. I have a feeling that the police and the RSPCA got mixed up between a human concept of what is unsuitable and a cat or animal concept as to what is unsuitable. And I would be very surprised if this lady lived in a house that was unsuitable in terms of untidiness, cluster and dirt which was bad for a cat’s welfare. I guess the Crown Prosecution Service realised that late in the day when they decided to drop the case.

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