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Legalizing Cannabis Leads to More Pet Owners Giving it to Their Cats and Dogs — 4 Comments

  1. There is a difference between cannabis with THC (the psychoactive property) and CBD hemp products, although they do work better together for health issues, with the largest percentage CBD and a small amount of THC.

    Pet guardians need to rely on those who are experienced with this plant medicine, as they should when giving any medicine to their pets. Most times this won’t come from their vet, since most vets use pharmaceutical drugs, just like medical doctors.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to use CBD medicine for my cat, and even stock it in her first aid kit. I also keep a small amount of homemade “THC canna butter” in my freezer. A tiny bit can help with appetite or calm a nervous cat.

    Consider that many of us have been feeding our pets, food/feed that has been FDA “approved” euthanized pets treated with phenobarbital, etc. in the food, and many animals have been affected with sickness and death. I don’t need their approval, because I don’t trust them to look out for the best interests of pets. It’s all about their bottom dollar. For a reliable source of first hand information, see Susan Thixton’s site- TruthAboutPetFood.

    I don’t think she’s on board with CBD for pets, because she doesn’t know enough, and is very busy defending and standing up for our pet’s welfare.

    Treating pets with CBD will become mainstream, and I forsee more online workshops to educate pet guardians about the various uses. The information is available if people really want to know.

    I always turn to “Mother Nature” first if I have a health issue, which is actually rare in my 74 years. I do have arthritis, and have tried CBD creams, but haven’t found much
    relief. But just today I heard from someone how he made a tincture with CBD leaves in organic grape alcohol, and after soaking them for 72 hours, got immediate relief from the arthritis pain in his hands. So, I’m going to experiment with that very soon, when I can get some CBD leaves.

    If we weren’t so fearful of the unknown, we’d have more success in general.

  2. personally i dont see a problem with it. the fact is that unless they can benefit from it the majority of the people that would DO those sorts of studies wont. they just fall back on their bread n butter i.e. big pharma(which is worldwide). so it IS left up to individuals to see if it works. these people r the ones that will find out IF it works & how well it does cuz like i said most wont & out of those that r INTERESTED many will b deterred by the stigma of cannabis as being “a stoner or druggie thing” which in MANY cases nowadays it isnt(& the TRUTH is it was those very “stoners” that showed the rest of the world how beneficial cannabis really is as well as ways to grow it so it has MORE beneficial properties with LESS of a “high” so as to treat a myriad of issues from pain management to cancer treatment). i dont use, nor would i give it to my pets, but thats more due to a prejudicial police force that would assume that i,as a black man, MUST b selling it(of which i was accused eventho i hadnt even been around anyone that did THAT in decades). of course if prevailing attitudes changed i might. cannabis has the potential to become the next aspirin(for man & beast) if those attitudes ever changed. granted, THAT is just MY opinion.

  3. I fully agree with your last point, “It is time for the scientists to step up to the mark and do some research.”

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