Leilani’s story: The empty space she occupied seems so large but I am so happy for her

Posted May 17, 2018 by Annie Queen (please see footnote by Elisa following this article – this is a Julianne Westberry survivor cat). The story of her adoption can be found here.

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Annie’s story

Leilani came to my house along with four other Survivors when the temporary shelter closed three months after the TRUE rescue (Foster Paws) of the Anderson Feline Survivors.

She was a favorite of the volunteers and wasn’t adopted because of ongoing dental issues. She was diagnosed with stomatitis and underwent surgery three times to pull teeth. The third time was the charm in that the offending teeth were removed and she went almost a year with no further outbreaks of symptoms.

This special girl always greeted me at the door to the rescue room by getting on a perch by the door and reaching out her paw for a high five just like she greeted many people at the shelter. I would sit on the sofa and she would come to me right away for playtime and brushing,which she loves.

Collage of Leilani enjoying the good life

Leilani is so special to so many people including myself that I had to find the perfect home for her. I turned down a few interested adopters and just didn’t take her to very many adoption events.

I decided she should attend the special adoption event called Planet Cat at PetSmart in Taylors, SC on April 21. Her new family saw her there and fell in love. The empty space she occupied seems so large but I am so happy for her.

Even though justice was not served in this case and I still have two Survivors, I feel that I can let it go now that Leilani landed in the best home. After four  years my job for the Survivors is almost done.

Leilani goes shopping

Note from Elisa: Leilani is a survivor of Julianne Westberry. She went from almost four years in foster care to her forever home with Dana and Lana on May 3, 2018. You can read more on Leilani, as well as the other Anderson Feline Survivors on their Facebook page.

Thanks go out to Foster Paws Rescue who originally saved Leilani and provided for her medical and emotional needs and to Annie Queen, a cat fosterer for the rescue who gave Leilani a home until the perfect forever home could be found. Annie is well known in the foster community for the love and care she provides for her feline guests.

2 thoughts on “Leilani’s story: The empty space she occupied seems so large but I am so happy for her”

  1. I too am happy for Leilana. She looks beautiful. The fostering was long and impressive. I guess the gum disease was due to neglect at the hands of Westberry. But she survived. It is nice to see a happy ending. I am sure the new owners are excellent as they were chosen particularly carefully.

  2. I am so happy for Leilani. May she have a long, happy and healthy life in her new home. Blessings to all of those who are helping these precious survivor cats.💜💜💜


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