Leo My Funny Cat

Leo My Funny Cat


Lol my cat Leo sticks his rear end in the air while he’s being stroked. Do you have a clue why he does it because i think its because he wanna be rude am i right or wrong?

Hi Secret!… No he is not trying to be rude! He is responding instinctively as a young kitten would when his mother licked him.

When we stroke our cat it is a substitute mother’s lick. Mothers also lick the bottoms of their kittens to stimulate the young cat to defecate.

The young cat instinctively raises his or her bottom in the air to facilitate this process.

It is as simple as that.

My three legged cat does the same thing in a very pronounced way.

You can see my article about what seems to us as strange behavior by clicking here.

Hope this helps.


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