Leopard curled up on road in West Yorkshire turns out to be a onesie

WEST YORKSHIRE, UK – OPINION/NEWS: This is an amusing story from Metro.co.uk, and when I first heard it on the radio I had to agree with the presenter, Steve Allen, on LBC, when he mocked the man who thought he saw a leopard on the road while driving through West Yorkshire, UK. To put it mildly, it would be pretty amazing in the north of England to see an African leopard wandering around or lying dead on the road. But when you see the picture you have to agree that there is a resemblance which might make you stop and look which is exactly what Ben Lilly, 40, did when he passed the spotted object on the road on the A646 near Hebden Bridge last Saturday morning.

Leopard print onesie on road
Leopard print onesie on road. Photo: Kennedy News and Media. Photo taken by Ben Lilly.
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He said that his heart was racing when he left his car fearing that he might be ripped to pieces by a fearsome African leopard. He had heard all the stories about big cats roaming across the countryside in Great Britain. These fake news stories of tabby domestic cats filmed at a distance so that the film quality makes it conveniently difficult to judge what you’re looking at, had temporarily got to him.

As he approached the object it immediately dawned on him that he was looking at an abandoned onesie complete with a tail. I think it’s the tail which makes it look almost authentic an the way that it is bundled up in a shape which gives the impression that it is a dead leopard on the road.

He made a joke about it on social media referring to the onesie as a “tart’s coat”. He admits that it was a bit sexist but he was referring to Friday night and Saturday morning when in Halifax a bit of drinking takes place. He also said that living near the Pennines he often sees roadkill, foxes or badges and sometimes cats on the road so this did give him encouragement, let’s put it that way, to imagine that he had stumbled upon a leopard.

I suppose the question is, how it got there? Did one of those drunk females take off her onesie at two in the morning and have illicit sex behind a bush next to the road! That’s sexist too, I think.


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