Leopard Hauled From Well With Ropes

Gujarat, India. If you admire and respect the wild cats, it is a bit uncomfortable to watch the video to be honest. It is highly undignified treatment of the proud leopard (a “common leopard“) but obviously necessary and they managed to get the leopard into the cage very effectively having hauled him out of the well by his tail. I’m pleased to report that the leopard were transported to a new location presumably away from human settlements where he was released (we are told).

It does not always work out so well for the leopard and not infrequently I read about leopards falling into village wells which seems rather strange to me. Why does a leopard, a hugely athletic cat, fall into a well which has a diameter of about 8 feet in this instance? Are they being trapped?

I have to presumed that on some occasions the well might be a trap for leopards roaming through villages. You can understand the reason for it. Leopards are large wild cats which can harm people and on occasions kill them although it is rare for a leopard to kill an adult person. It’s more about the fear of being killed by a leopard than the reality of it but I fully understand that too.

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  1. Poor leopard. Not the most modern method of getting him out of the wll, but it worked.
    So sorry about Lilly, Marc. Please keep us posted.

  2. Marc sorry to hear about the medical condition of your cat “Lilly”.The medical bill of 1000-1500 Dollars for treatment is just unbelievable to us Indians, the cost of a good brand motorcycle in Mumbai. But then the average cost of living in Switzerland is one of the highest in the World and you’ll earn a equivalent amount and hence the high standard and cost of living. Wishing “Lilly” a speedy recovery and hope the damage to hind limbs is not severe.

  3. I can’t watch it but it sounds like a good ending. I suppose in India it can easily go either way – the fate of the Leopard that is. But that they released him in the wild is great.

    Lilly seems to have hurt her back leg(s) – she is limping and not able to jump and seems pretty stiff as well. I suspect it’s something like a pulled muscle from playing or falling – she is very active usually and quite a risk taker in her excitement and energy so it must have been some sort of accident. I am pretty certain it was while I was out because I noticed it when I got home on Saturday evening. I called the vet who basically said to call back today because they were closing.

    The emergency vet here would cost in the region of about 1000 – 1500 dollars a day just to keep her there, and on top of that will be the actual cost of treatment, so we are talking a few thousand dollars.

    Or a few hundred a day later, which I have opted for because I was with her the whole weekend and was able to make sure she was careful and calm. I’ve managed to get an appointment for tomorrow morning. I think it’s only her left back leg but I am not 100% since I can’t really touch it. I would like to check her paw pads to see if it’s an ingrown nail or something so I will be trying to do that as soon as I get home. It would be much better if it is that – as opposed to a broken bone. I really hope she’s going to be ok. I don’t think it’s broken because she is walking around but I don’t know, that’s just a gut feeling not based on knowledge of cat injuries. Still very worrying 🙁

    • I always forget to tick the subscribe box so I never get any replies. It seems to untick itself everytime – I just have to remember. This comment is ticked 🙂

    • Sorry to hear that. Certainly worth checking it out. It both legs are not functioning properly it may be a back injury. I am not sure. It indicates a spinal issue rather than injured legs. If it is one leg and she is not old is she (can’t be arthritis) it is probably a minor injury. Perhaps she fell uncomfortably as you say. Good luck with it.

    • That doesn’t sound too good Marc. 🙁 Hope she feels better soon. Its horrible, When Cats Have Injuries, or Pain. Couldn’t believe when you said the Emergency Vet. Things really are Expensive over there arent they? I Hope things are OK Over there. Sometimes that Gut Feeling can be true as that’s your intuition or sense kicking in.

    • Poor Lilly, I hope it’s nothing too serious Marc,you must be worried sick! Let us know how you get on at the vets, I’ll be thinking about you both x


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