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Leopard hunts and attacks pet dog inside home — 4 Comments

  1. I feel bad for the dog,I really do but because of humans encroaching onto their habitat this will happen more and the leopard will pay the price,humans need to fecking stop reproducing and like ye said Michael there isnt enough space for both cat and human.

  2. Humans will always be a problem for animals. In India they are so fucking overpopulated, I’m surprised they are not shitting on each other. And the country is so very dirty and the rivers dying because of humans waste. This leopard is the not the problem. The poor dog I feel for but with humans taking all the wild places for these animals what the hell do they expect!

    • 🙂 They are overpopulated but not quite sitting on each other – yet. Thankfully it is a large country but there isn’t enough space for leopards and people together. Certainly not in and around Mumbai.

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