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Lessons in Feral Cat Care From Pakistan — 22 Comments

  1. I am so mad call yourselves muslims you will never be forgiven hellfire for you who hurt animals our beloved prophet mohammed had a cat he loved him wholehearted you need to tell the story why the hell you guys abuse animals if I was there I’d slap them your all going to hell on judgement day and I will curse the ppl who do this Allah give them the worst pain ever call themselves fuckimg muslims I am muslim I have 10 beautiful cats adore them there are vets In Pakistan take them there get help if you dont want them around dont go fucking hurting them I’d bash u lot up I swear hate ppl who hurt animals but what makes me happy is they will get heaven and u uneducated twats hell haha and the girl who saved this kitten u will be rewarded

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  3. I love this story and it is true. People are cruel and for some reason cats are often the target. It makes me sick. It’s wonderful to see such compassion.

  4. What a beautiful story! She is a beautiful pretty kitten and I adore your photos of her 🙂 Thank God for kind, intelligent people like you and your family who truly see the beauty in all creatures 🙂

    • Thank you Leah

      But I was blind for many years that I could not do anything for these tiny creatures. I had no idea what I could do for them? I had no knowledge how I could protect them? and more important the finanse is still a wall of my way 🙁

      But really appreciate your comments, thank you again <3 🙂

      • Ahsan why don’t you set up a PayPal account and then PoC can send some money. PoC sends money to charity once a month and you could do a lot of good to help cats with a bit money such as drugs and building an enclosure for your cat(s) and more. You could educate people on cat welfare as well. Set up a course of your own to train people on cat welfare.

        • Dear Michael
          Pakistan has been kicked out from PAYPAL. This is because the false and lies of majority of people and insincerity of politicians. This is what I can understand. India is allowed.

          I am sick of being here as a CLEAR open person. And I think I am missfit Muslim and Missfit Pakistani.

          But only Western Union method is working. I have plans. First of all I will work for a 13ft x 2ft steel cage and the 4 feet high.
          will put a cat tree made by my own hand, protection sheet from rains, and etc. Every thing is my mind.

          Alas I could neuter TOM cats, is the best to handle any further cruelty. Moreover, feeding cats is not an issue as I am doing it for 9 years.

          Population control and then raising the kittens in front of my eyes till they are in safe age. This is the real issue. To control the population within limits and welfare.

          Any one knows the method of PAYPAL in PAKISTAN but LEGAL method, not illegal please.

          Thank you Michael

          • Try and make the enclosure higher at about 8 feet because cats like to high up as they feel safe with climbing areas and platforms.

            I will look at Western Union to send money. Do you have an account with them?

    • AAAaaah thank you Dee but VET in Pakistan 🙁 it costs a lot that I can spend my entire life with happiness i.e. 15,00,000 rupees equal to $ 15,000.

      It is quite possible if someone from the west call me for the simple “How to neuter a tom cat program” and basic skills to Feral Cats. It can be in an other way, too.

      If a team/ in person visits Pakistan, guide me, provide me basic skills/instruments and funding there after in a systematic/ accountability way, so that no any abuse/ corruption occurs with the finance. And the daily/ weekly report can be sent in shape of small videos/ pics through email (is enough) but these are still awaited dreams.

      A VET is a selfish person who always thinks to empty the pocket of a customer. I want to become a welfare Person not a business man.

      I want to relive Mother Tresa, Pop John Paul II and others like soft-hearted people now missing by us. 🙁

      I am the Abu Huraira (Father of Kittens) of 2014.

      This is what I sometimes dream about 🙂

      • There is no doubt in my mind that you could be trained to neuter cats. I think you could be trained to do a limited number of veterinary procedures (operations and treatments) but the problem is getting the training. There are no courses for limited vet training like this anywhere in the world but you make a good case for such a course.

  5. Another great story from Pakistan on how to care for feral cats. I enjoyed reading it. Your daughter loves cats as much as you it seems.

    Fifty-fifty is a beautiful healthy looking calico cat. I am pleased she has had the good fortune to find herself in a cat sanctuary, a special place for cats in Pakistan.

    • Thank you Michael
      My friend! Me and my daughter often discuss together about Cat sanctuary.

      I have plans in mind and my daughter also give some strange modern ideas. But it seems a little bit childish when I hear from her but I never de-graded her at once as I know that I have to keep “CAT LOVE” alive in her heart n spirit.


  6. What a very exceptional article and I will gladly share it on facebook with my cat loving contacts and the members of the anti declaw groups who care about all cats.
    Everyone needs to read your word of wisdom Ahsan and to have the same care and compassion as you have for those poor cats.
    What is wrong with many people that they would rather hurt and kill animals than help them!
    You would make a wonderful vet or maybe one of your daughters would train, but it must be very difficult to do this in your country.
    Keep up the good work, you are one of life’s Earth Angels x

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