Let’s have some fun: Post your cats (and dogs) posing for holiday photos

For most of us who have pets, we like to show them off during the holiday season more than other times of the year. With photos of pets posing for everything from family photos for the yearly holidays to dressing us the pet, we love to share with our friends on social media. So let’s have some fun!

Furby  December 2009 looking all sweet and innocent
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I found this cute article online and wanted to build a fun story/project around it.

the post that went viral

Furby was and has always been my best cat for dressing up. We don’t leave an outfit on him for long but since he’s a well-mannered cat he’s the easiest to get holiday pictures of.

Our sweet boy has been posing for holiday photos one way or another since his first year with us in 2009. In the beginning, I’d just lay out a few decorations (because having a tree is impossible) and toss Furby in the middle of them.

two minutes after sweet and innocent

The cutest ones are the ones where he’s checking ME out to be sure HE won’t get into trouble (or anything requiring a bath!).

As the years past and Furby grew into a handsome cat he still allowed me to be entertained each December for a few photos. Below is one of the times I actually put an outfit on him. He only wore it a few minutes. Just long enough for me to have my holiday photo.

Furby December 2014

I really miss Imikimi. There’s a new version out since the old one isn’t where I left it back around Easter. I haven’t decided whether or not to sign up for it yet. They had some really awesome frames, as well as face cutouts where you can insert the face of your pet and turn him into anything you desire.

I have an entire album online of Furby where I use Imikimis to turn him into everything from a baby to a drunken cat on his honeymoon (don’t ask). No blood is shed using an online photo generator. Furby is well known for his claws and for using me as a launching pad to wherever he wants to go.

Furby using Imikimi.com

Feel free to post a photo here of your pet. You may also post on my Compassionbuzz page in the comment section for this article. It’s a new media site using Facebook where I post fun stuff and happy endings.

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