Let’s Praise Paws for Life and Courtney Trotz-Sanders

This is a story that makes me feel more optimistic about a change in attitude towards declawing in the United States of America.

It is a simple story. A man adopts two kittens from Paws for Life Cat Rescue. I am not sure where they are and as there are a few rescue organisations with the same name I don’t want to provide a link incase I get it wrong. Update: I think this is the link – they work under the Petfinder banner and are located in Detroit.

He promises not to declaw in what seems to be a formal agreement – he signs a binding contract in other words.

He takes them to his vet for spaying and neutering. The vet says why not declaw as well? It was one of those nasty, bundled, promo, discount things..horrible.

Anyway the guy says OK, go ahead. The vet sends confirmatory faxes of spaying and neutering to Paws for Life and at the same time, not knowing about the contract, sends a note that he has declawed too.

Well, Courtney Trotz-Sanders of Paws for Life went around to the man’s home and took the kittens back. And damn right too!

The man complains. He has no right to complain. You were cruel and in breach of contract.

Nice story I think. Nice to see some real force being given to a contract and I love the straightforward, direct action of Courtney Trotz-Sanders that has integrity written all over it. Well done Courtney.

The kittens are being re-homed. Poor things. Mutilated at the hands of a greedy and unthinking veterinarian, a pillar of American society.

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Let’s Praise Paws for Life and Courtney Trotz-Sanders

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Aug 23, 2011 Bad news
by: Leah UK

Bad news, awful news that those poor innocent babies were mutilated.

What was wrong with that man? What bit of binding contract did he not understand??? Was he actually that stupid? If he signed a binding contract did he not think that contract was in place for a damn good reason and that de-clawing is wrong?

I bloody well hope that the animal rescue are well and truly on the backs of the vets too as it was them that did it!!

Good on them for taking those poor little kittens back my heart bleeds for them.

Aug 14, 2011 GOOD NEWS !
by: Ruth

WELL DONE Paws for Life and Courtney Trotz-Sanders, this is really good news !
Sadly it shows just how gullible some people are in the presence of their vet, but Mr Rose has no excuse for breaking the contract. He agreed to the declawing even though he obviously knew declawing is cruel and he had signed the contract saying he would not have it done.
I’ve read numerous times on google alerts about people asking if they would be found out if they promised not to have an adopted cat declawed but then went ahead anyway.
Well let this case be a warning to them, that they WILL be found out and rightly so the cats taken from them and they will appear on the lists of ‘Do NOT adopt to this person’

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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