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Let’s say it: Doctors who declaw cats are EVIL — 36 Comments

  1. The AVMA is vile. Read this. Dated Feb. 13, 2019

    Symposium attendees talked through how they would advocate on complex subjects that could reach legislatures, city councils, and regulators, using as examples cat declawing, medical marijuana in pets, and examination requirements in telemedicine. At one table, four veterinarians described the changes in public perception about declawing, which procedures have better outcomes, the emotion in the debate over municipal bans on declawing procedures, possible risks to cats and immunocompromised people when these procedures are unavailable, and possible allies or opponents in these debates.


  2. We are combatting 70 years of successful brainwashing by the #AVMAvets #catvets, and they won’t stop until we create a roar to end all roars. Join #pawproject help support repair surgeries for victims. support #citythekitty educational and expose work. Share #declawedanddumped for the gazillion victims abandoned when they claim declaw keeps them in homes. #houstonHumane declaws!!! #whereisyourrage #keepscreaming #outlawdeclaw find me at #screamingmemeeesagainstdeclaw
    Huggggggggggs thanks for all you do, every word of truth..

  3. I was going to comment again, because this atrocity needs to be kept alive in our consciousness until it is dead in practice, but what I and everyone else said before says it all. I’d only add that I’m atheist and don’t speak in religious terms. I still agree and feel as deeply as anyone with all my being that an immoral act is wrong to the extreme. I simply take the devil (a cartoon character) out of the equation and lay blame upon the people who amputate claws for profit or even give it a pass. Everyone, even cat haters should condemn it.

    • Yes, thanks Albert. I wrote this years ago and the lady who recently commented has a website fighting cat declawing. I wrote the article for her cat. She adopted a declawed cat. Declawing is probably the most hateful thing to take place in the domestic cat world after the hell of a region of Southern China where they eat domestic cats after brutally killing them.

      • Yes, and I also adopted a declawed cat who suffered in all the usual and predictable ways. That cat was also deaf… Worse, as you mention is perpetrated on a grand scale, but it’s all cruelty, unnecessary and should be stopped.

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      • I know! Y
        ou are one passionate cat blogger! Great job on all of your posts. I have to admit, this is one of the best for me!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸΎ

        • Thanks. I hate with a vengeance cat declawing. It hurts my heart to think of it; the poor cats suffering this and there are millions of them. Horrendous.

          • We share that hate for declawing, veterinarians who declaw cats are psychotic cat hating monsters. That ASS.ociation that started it, and keeps it legal, will have their day in kitty court. Never underestimate the power of cat karma. Veterinarians who declaw should wake up without fingers. What goes around comes around. I have seen many accounts of declawed cats who suffer, I cannot imagine when they first started in the 50’s, without any peer reviewed studies, what those poor cats went through, are still going through, damn those monsters to Gehenna.

          • Here is an example of a knife-happy cat-hating veterinarian who amputated a kitten’s claws and the client did NOT want the kitten declawed.

  5. The Paw Project on facebook
    28 October Β· Β·
    This poor high schooler, an intern at a vet clinic, is getting the wrong message from her “mentor.” Declawing is unnecessary…it is mutilation…and, PS, the “guy” is a girl kitty….poor, innocent baby cat.

    This is what I referred to earlier, the ‘poor’ girl holding that mutilated cat, dazed and shocked from the amputation of her 10 toe ends! Holding her by the scruff on a cold steel table to pose smiling has sickened anti declaw advocates. Some people are defending her, sorry but surely anyone who has just witnessed 10 amputations shouldn’t be posing and smiling. Poor cat, crippled for life and used as a photo prop, it breaks my cat loving heart!

      • Thanks Michael, this is what we are up against in the veterinary profession. What sort of vet is that girl going to be if she handles cats just out of anaesthesia that way and smiles about their suffering?
        Some one making excuses for her and the clinic even said the cat must have had cancer in her toes! What? All ten!!!!

        • We simply need to constantly out these doctors, for however long it takes to make them stop. Every time their face and practice appears on Facebook and other social media, it is a step toward victory for these poor cats. Let’s not let up, I really wish we could get names and faces and the cities in which these people practice this torture. Post, post and post again, until this stops.

          • Yes name and shame! Apparently someone named this person and the clinic and upset the ‘poor’ grinning soul and the comment was removed. I have to wonder what the cat’s owners would think of their pet being used as a photo prop….then again, they did pay for her to be crippled for life, so………………

        • To answer your question about what type of vet she will be? The same kind as Kristen Lindsey: cold hearted and delusional. 🀬😿

    • Neat thought which at the time I wrote the article did not occur to me. The cat owner is probably less culpable than the doctor because oftentimes they are ignorant of the meaning and consequences whereas doctors fully understand or should do. P.S. And clients are sometimes all to frequently misled by vets.

      • I disagree. While there may be some people so out of touch with the issue the majority of cat owners are aware of the consequences.
        We also come to common sense and society as a whole to make half of the problem a victim as well. It was perhaps a valid argument up till a few years ago.
        The problems with animal abuse will continue as long as our domestic pets are considered property instead of at least some form of living property with feelings and a right to certain standards of care. Animal abuse laws are not cutting it. All too often you see the person who created a horrific mess blessed with sympathy over the suffering and malingering deaths caused by their negligence.
        For some real hot blooded entertainment on how bad it really is please google Tennessee Walkers and the Big Lick. We can’t get this crap shut down.

    • This I agree with you on! That cat owners who know declawing is amputation, yet go ahead anyway, ARE evil.I know it’s always said that some people are ignorant and think it’s ‘only’ the claws removed (is that not bad enough?) but I find it hard to understand why anyone who professes to be a cat lover would not realise cats need their claws, or at least ask their vet before leaving their pet as to what the surgery entails. Even people here who don’t particularly like cats are shocked at the very thought of declawing. Ten years now we here in the UK have been helping those anti declaw Americans and Canadians to try to stop this cruelty, how many more cats have to suffer before it’s history!

    • Disagree. There are many cat owners who thought the procedure was ‘simple’ because they trusted their veterinarians who sell declaws like McDonald’s sells burgers. I have proof. There are hundreds of comments on one of my posts, that state this. Once they found out, they were devastated, guilty, shamed, hurting for their cat(s) they had, or have. Veterinarians who declaw are knife-happy and cat-hating doctor$.

  6. I think the question that needs asking is:

    If your child drew on the wall, what would you do?

    Would you give him appropriate drawing materials and teach him not to write on walls?
    Would you amputate his fingers because it is easier than teaching the child right from wrong?

    The latter, although a bit extreme, is what veterinarians are doing to teach cats not to scratch and claw. Somehow, I don’t believe the cats got the message in its entirety. Poor kitties. <3

    • Good analogy and if a parent cut off the fingers of a child for the reasons you state they would be declared evil and criminally insane.

  7. Not only is declawing excruciatingly painful, but it literally deforms and disables a cat for life. This is the ultimate cruelty. Declawing needs to be banned forever. It is a barbaric form of torture. Any vet who does this is unacceptable in my view.

  8. Vets who still declaw need to be outed on social media as greedy, animal abusing, cruel POS’s. Then call for a boycott of his or her business. Tell all your friends. Write your state lawmakers demanding making this illegal with the loss of a license the consequence. The only thing that would make an impact on that kind of vet is hitting them in the wallet. If they declaw would you take your cat there and still expect them to care for your cat? I would not. They might kill your cat because they only care about money.

    • I wouldn’t trust any vet who declaws, with our cat. There have been cases of cats left for neutering being declawed also ‘by mistake’ Imagine going to pick up your pet, to find their life ruined by some vet who enjoys amputating cats toe ends so much they don’t even check if the client wanted their cat crippled.Why doesn’t some one this happens to, sue the vet who did it!

  9. Yes in my opinion vets who declaw are evil! It has been proved beyond doubt by the Paw Project that declawing causes cats to suffer for life. How can the vets in the USA and Canada justify going on doing it when it is banned in most other countries as animal abuse? There is no excuse. Being ‘nice and understanding’ that it may be through ignorance, hasn’t worked, cats are still suffering every day! The latest on the Paw Project page, a photo of a girl holding a newly declawed cat by the scruff, boasting that she bandaged his feet has shocked the entire anti declaw movement! It has to stop!!!!!

  10. Yeah, I believe the oath wording is: “to do no harm.”. And the excuse “someone else will do it anyway.” is SO lame it boggles the mind. Lame being the operative word here. Some day just hearing that this used to be done should send chills up anyone’s spine. Barbaric.

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