Lexington County Coroner fights to keep her cat, Morticia, at the workplace

South Carolina: Morticia is the sweet, female, dilute calico cat that you will find at the workplace of the Lexington County Coroner, Margaret Fisher. The coroner rightly says that Morticia does a great job in distracting the attention of her customers away from the sadness of the difficult issues with which they are faced. Her clients are inevitably at her office to discuss death in one form or another and clients must often be distressed and tense.

Margaret and Morticia
Margaret and Morticia. Screenshot from video.
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This is where Morticia comes in and she is so useful. She calms the clients down which allows them to deal with matters in a more rational and calm manner. That is surely a great benefit to the client and to the coroner.

“Anything we can do to take their mind of their sadness we’ll do it and Morticia has been really, really amazing in doing that” – Margaret Fisher, Lexington County Coroner.

However, The Charlotte Observer reports that a county administrator has decided that Morticia must go. They said that it is against the law to have a cat in a government building but the coroner can’t find the ordinance or the county policy which says that cats are not allowed in public buildings. She has asked them to make an exception.

She is waiting their response as far as I know. I believe that Morticia is still currently at the coroner’s facility. Clearly Margaret is very keen to keep her there.

There is nothing wrong, but a lot right, with having companion animals at workplaces. They can do a lot of good. I have read many stories of cats in workplaces of various kinds providing a real service to people with whom they come into contact just by their presence. This is especially so in situations where people can become stressed.

I am sure all cat lovers and those who appreciate the benefits of companion animals support Margaret. What she said makes sense. She is a very sensible woman.

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