LGBTQ activist accused of deliberately burning down his home killing three cats and two dogs

Nikki Joly, a transgender LGBTQ activist is accused of deliberately burning down his home to try and garner more publicity for his cause. In allegedly burning down his home he killed his five pets; three cats and two dogs.

Nikki Joly and wife
Nikki Joly and wife. Pic from Facebook
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It appears that he presented the crime as a hate crime which would have enhanced his profile amongst the community and promoted his cause. However, we are told that investigators found traces of gasoline on his clothes and in five of the rooms of the home. Joly denies that he is an arsonist and will be tried.

This sad case is rather surprising because he is well known for promoting the rights of marginalized individuals and according to The Detroit News he has been named Citizen of the Year on one occasion.

It would seem that he didn’t need to raise his profile to generate publicity through an alleged crime of this nature. But a couple of members of the St John’s United Church of Christ, where a gay community is centred, have told police that Joly was anxious to generate more news about LBGTQ rights.

We are told that he bought $10 of gas at a local store on the morning of the fire which he says he bought to cut the grass. However, his version of events do not stack up because the police say that it only gave arsonist five minutes to break into his home and set it ablaze.

Using a self-created crime to promote a cause appears to be catching on because people may remember the more high-profile case regarding Jussie Smollett who filed a false report with police in connection to staging a racist and homophobic attack on himself last month. He wanted more money for services and felt undervalued I guess. He is now facing the trashing of his career.

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2 thoughts on “LGBTQ activist accused of deliberately burning down his home killing three cats and two dogs”

  1. Totally cannot understand how anyone in the world could knowingly subject his companion animals to such a cruel, brutal death. Did he have no compassion or connection to these animals at all? Hopefully he will not be allowed to ever injure any animals again. 😭😠 ☮️💜💜🐾🗝️

    • Totally lack of sensitivity towards animal welfare. It seems like he wanted them to die to heighten the impact. If that is so, he should be punished to the max the law allows.


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