Liam Gallagher: “Say hello to my new cat SID as you were LG”

On November 3, Liam Gallagher told the world through his Twitter account (which has over 3 million followers) that he has adopted a new cat who he’s named Sid. The title to this article shows us what he said. At the end you can see that he says “as you were LG”.

Liam Gallagher's new cat SID
Liam Gallagher’s new cat SID. Photo: Twitter account of LG. Apologies for the poor quality. Ask Liam why it’s so poor! 🙂
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I presume that this is a reference to him going back to the way he was, which is a further reference to the time when he had his former cat which he called Lady Our Kid. Lady Our Kid died about two years ago and Liam was devastated. She passed away at the age of 19 in 2016.

In an earlier tweet he said that Sid was lively, “Lively 1st night with RSID…”

His former cat was originally owned by Liam’s former wife Nicole Appleton and her ex-boyfriend Robbie Williams. When Liam split up with Nicole she kept Lady Our Kid.

When he was 40 years of age in 2013, Liam said:

“I am now in my 40th year and I think it is time for a cat. I used to have one when I went out with Nicole Appleton from All Saints.”

He says that he bought the cat from Harrods one day! That’s not a great idea, Liam as there’s lots of rescue cats as we all know.

Liam further writes:

“Nicole got her in the ‘cat-vorce’, which is best because at that point in time, she was more equipped to look after her. But now I think it may be time for a cat or two.”

When Lady Our Kid died Nicole told Robbie Williams about it in a tweet which included a photo of herself hugging the cat. She wrote:

“I lost my best friend of 19 years tonight..ladyrkid… I’m hurting so bad!”

Just for the record, Sid, is a sweet looking young regular tabby cat.

Sources: Twitter and Female First.

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1 thought on “Liam Gallagher: “Say hello to my new cat SID as you were LG””

  1. No one is going to ask ask Liam why the picture of young Sid is a bit blurry. It’s a nice character shot I think.

    Very happy to see that he is a cat lover. Sometimes the slightly spikey ones are puss cats underneath.

    I hope Sid was adopted, not bought. We need more famous musicians to speak about adopting cats. When they do, I am sure it has a positive effect for cats in need of homes.


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