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LICKI Brush Kickstarter promises cat bonding without mouth fur — 8 Comments

  1. My first question about this is “What problem does it solve?”

    I see it as one more gadget that people will buy because of marketing, rather than true need. Then, it will be discarded as unnecessary, like so many things I see in thrift stores.

    I use various tools which include flea comb (2x daily) Fur Monster a couple of times a week, human nail clipper, and other de-shedding tools that I keep at my 3 “cat stations” where grooming is done. If she gets a mat, although this happens rarely, I use a box cutter with blade to carefully cut it out. It might be interesting to see what others use to get rid of mats. Has Michael done an article on this?

    I never “kiss” my cat, but still experience flying fur while grooming. With a long haired cat, fur is everywhere. Even when she grooms herself, the fur flies, so how will this gadget help? I don’t think so.

    It might be fun to do an article on the various gadgets marketed for cat guardians. My friend just gave me a gag gift, which is sitting on my desk, while I decide what to do with it. It’s called “Instantly TALK with your CAT” It’s
    one of those “as seen on TV” items. My friend got the “last” one on the rack at the local market. It retails for about $5-6. The packaging is covered in words, except for the large image of a white Persian. There may be different cats for different flavors. Has anyone seen this product? I’m so curious as to how many have been sold, and how much money has been made.

    Is there a problem that you wish someone would solve, with regards to cat care? I’ve recently placed an order for a litter box on KickStarter. It’s actually a new improved version of one that was highly successful, but I’d never heard of.

    I’m not remembering the name now. My biggest problem is the litter box. Even though I’ve put it at the top of those little stairs that are sold for aging dogs that can’t jump up any more, it’s still difficult for me to get the urine that sticks in the corners. I don’t use litter bags. That’s why this new design has appeal for me. It’s a 3 level unit that allows for lifting the clumps and poop out without digging for it. I saw a cheap knock off yesterday at a discount store. I think it was about $20, made in China. The one I ordered is $30, and I’m hoping for better quality, and hope it’s made in US.

  2. I think that the product with it’s rubbery tips would feel good to most cats. But, I don’t think that it, necessarily, needs to be held in the mouth of any caretaker. Handheld would work.
    Boy, Woody Jim would have a field day with this!

  3. Many years ago there was a woman who made and tried to market horse ears that a horse owner could wear to display their emotions to their noble steeds. Although I would argue the inherent dangers of laying your pretend ears back at your horse and their possible reaction. As in I kick the other horse who does that I get the need to communicate. For anyone who wants to buy and use it I see no harm. I’m just not sure it’s going to form a stronger bond that couldn’t be forged in more traditional ways with our pets.

  4. I don’t see the point. If I want to brush my cat, I can use my hands and the brush. If I want to pet my cat, I want to feel its fur on hands. If I want to kiss my cat – not so much, I can touch my cat’s fur with my closed lips and no fur gets into my mouth.

  5. My preference is stroking, rubbing their heads. That “brush” looks awkward and it seems like the cat would do better with a baby brush. I don’t think my kids would like it-especially all the ferals. They would be afraid to come near me. And I sure don’t want to start over winning their trust!

    • I am like you. I don’t want to “dis” this product but I think we can do everything we need to do with respect to showing our love without using this device.

  6. As long as dog owners are walking around with little baggies of steaming dog poo they have nothing to say.
    That said. NO. Hell no. Just Hell no.

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