Life-sized cat LEGOS: Perfect pastime or just plain creepy?

Have any of you seen these? They’re giant LEGOS that are assembled into cat shapes. My question is are they the perfect pastime geared toward cat lovers or are they just plain creepy?

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JEKCA posted their LEGO cats on their Facebook page saying

【JEKCA – Building Blocks for Kidults】

JEKCA, a brand from Hong Kong, may be your next challenge on building blocks. You can assemble these artistic building blocks sculptures with our kits. We have created 6 new Tuxedo Cat items this time and many more sculptures are coming.

JEKCA has a patented technology which helps create these complex structures. These cats are like real sculptures and will not collapse or break apart. No glue is needed and the procedures are reversible and straightforward. A detailed step by step manual is included in package.

The LEGO cats have a pixelated appearance when assembled. JEKCA says they’re fun to build and make a great decoration to place around the home.

One thing I found interesting is when I read the article by Justsomething I noticed the article had no shares at all. Not. Even. One. Do you think anyone would be interested in building a cat? Would this be an easy project to complete? I find most products that contain a step by step manual difficult to construct (although I’m so much a clutz I can’t put a square peg in a square hole).

Adults often are too busy with life to take the time to play with LEGOS. Kids are glued at the wrist with their electronics. So just who would that leave to play with them?

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2 thoughts on “Life-sized cat LEGOS: Perfect pastime or just plain creepy?”

  1. They are a bit spendy with the cheapest one costing £59, shipping to the UK is free (10 days)

    I guess you would get your money’s worth as they do look quite complex to build.

  2. I think they are quite nice, unusual. Might be a good next step for the Lego obsessed child who has moved on a bit. Plenty of youngsters still get into model making these days.

    Could be a good present for someone who loves cats and has some spare time. Maybe a more imaginative gift than jigsaw puzzles, which are often bought for the elderly?

    I wouldn’t mind having a go at building one.


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