Lifetime ban for woman who abused cats and dogs

This caught my eye because I believe it is unusual for a person to be given a lifetime ban from keeping animals. Normally sentences handed down by judges in criminal trials concerning animal abuse are relatively light or at least they are to animal advocates.

The woman’s name is Catherine Allsagar. She is 37 years of age and lives in Accrington, Lancashire, UK. The RSPCA investigated when it was discovered that she had five cats cremated in quick succession.

It was found that she was keeping cats and dogs in cramped and filthy conditions with nothing to drink but their own urine. The court heard that the cats smelt of urine. They had lesions on their paws, legs and bellies.

Allsagar admitted animal welfare offences. She admitted that she caused unnecessary suffering.

She was also given a six-week suspended sentence and ordered to complete 35 days of rehabilitation activities (this aspect of the sentence is too light for me).

She has a friend, Malcolm Ogden, 58, who was an accomplice in her crimes and he will be sentenced later for related offences. The photo is of his ‘home’. The monster.

Three cats and a dog are to be rehomed. I don’t have more information about this unfortunately but I’m sure that a lot of animal advocates will be happy to know that this woman will never again have the opportunity to own, keep and look after an animal.

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