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These are all Flickr pictures. They are direct from the photographer’s Flickr pages, which should please both the photographer and Flickr. The liger is a hybrid. The mother is a tiger and the father a lion. This is Hercules. The person is his trainer, I believe. The mating was apparently accidental. He is the world’s largest cat (Guinness World Records certified2) and he lives at Jungle Island in Miami, Florida, USA as far as I aware (at 2010). At one time he was living in Massechusetts. Maybe he tours? The owner of Jungle Island is Bern M. Levine.

Hercules a liger – the world’s biggest individual cat – photo by Andy Carvin – this is one of the classic liger pictures, the best known

Hercules eats 20lb every day and can eat up to 100 lbs. His owners say that his size is due to “imprinted genes or growth dysphasia”. Might it also be due to hybrid vigor?

The owners of Hecules put on a show for the awe inspired customers. Personally, and this is entirely personal; I don’t like it. It has gothic, devil type undertones judging by the picture at the base of this page. It seems to be portraying Hercules as some sort of devil beast, something from the mysterious underworld, when he is simply the unfortunate offspring of two captive wildcats.

There is a story (dated Sept 2010) about Jungle Island. A tiger jumped a 14 foor fence it says (they are very good jumpers so this seems feasible – just). Panic ensued and the incident is being investigated. A fine is possible. It will be a poultry maximum of $500 if the misdemeanor is proved1.

Hercules again – above (photo by Andy Carvin) and below

Hercules – photo by Jassen

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2. We are told on the Jungle Island website that Hercules holds the Guinness World Record
for largest cat but I cannot see that record in the 2010 edition of the book that I have. Perhaps the editors have decided to stop that particular record
for fear of promoting the breeding of unhealthy animals.

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