Link between prostate cancer and Toxoplasma gondii

A study published on the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes Of Health website has come to the conclusion that there is a link between Toxoplasma gondii and prostate cancer.

More particularly, the study identifies that the parasite is a trigger of prostatic inflammation. They say that inflammation is the most prevalent and widespread histological finding “in the human prostate”. Inflammation of the prostate gland is associated with the development of “benign prostatic hyperplasia” and prostate cancer.

The study comes to the conclusion that it is the first to find that this parasite induces chronic inflammation within the prostate of any species. In case a reader of this article is unaware, the domestic cat is the primary host of the Toxoplasma gondii parasite.

Clearly, I do not wish to report on this but I feel that I have a duty to. In fact I have resisted reporting on it because I know that there will be some trolls who will pick up on this and use it to criticise the domestic cat.

Obviously I strongly dislike the domestic cat being criticised because it can undermine their welfare. But nonetheless this report needs to be discussed. At this stage I have no idea where this research will lead. Clearly, it does not mean that all men should give up their cats. That would be idiotic. The main reason for that statement is because the most common cause of transmission of Toxoplasma gondii to humans is the handling of raw meat and vegetables. But another way that a human can pick up the parasite is through handling cat litter.

Link to the study

Link between prostate cancer and toxoplasma gondii

3 thoughts on “Link between prostate cancer and Toxoplasma gondii”

  1. Those raw meats and vegetables are directly infected from cat-shat T. gondii oocysts. They cannot be a vehicle for this disease in any other way. You can even inhale just one oocysts when it dries out and become another speck of dust in the air. That too is enough to become infected for life. Do you not even know how T. gondii is transmitted from cats to all other species, including humans? You continue to make that more than obvious and everyone visiting your site can clearly see this about you and your continuous misinformation campaign. Why do you incessantly try to deflect and misdirect the blame to where blame is not due? Are you this insecure? Or just that devious and deceptive? (I’ll vote on the latter, so far. You clearly have not proved anything to the contrary.)

    Not even vegetarians are safe from contracting Toxoplasma gondii today because the cat-shat oocysts coat vegetables from any gardens or farms where cats are allowed to roam free. The millions and millions of cat-shat oocysts from every infected cat, shed many times during their lives, can even survive up to 4.5 years in any water too. Here’s verifiable scientific peer-reviewed proof:

    “Detection of Toxoplasma gondii in environmental matrices (water, soil, fruits and vegetables”

    For you to claim anything to the contrary would require for you to do your own studies and have it peer-reviewed by actual scientists (who actually know their subjects and know what they are talking about) for you to get it published anywhere at all.

    It doesn’t matter if you approve this or not, because the rest of the world has moved on to websites with people who actually know what they are talking about. You can either rejoin that group, or, as you are doing, disappear from the net from your own undoing and relentless misinformation that you try to convey to people less intelligent than you are, and who *might* still believe you (for awhile yet, but even they aren’t going to swallow your blatant lies for much longer). Your choice.

    • Once again, I am justified in being rude to you. Once again you are insulting me. Which does not help your cause. How can you say that I’m trying to deflect people away from information about this parasite of which the domestic cat is the primary host? If I was trying to do that I would not have written about it on this page. I would not have picked up that story and created an article about it. I am a realist. I want the truth to be out there. I do know how Toxoplasma gondii by is transmitted because I’ve written about it on several occasions. I am completely aware of the problems. So please stop pestering me and stop insulting me. Stop telling me that my website is doing badly. It is not. It is doing well has done for about 10 years. At one time it was the most visited cat site in the world. It is still in the top five. Most websites are sold after four years you bloody idiot. Do you know anything about websites? This website provides honest correct information on a multitude of topics. I do not, I stress, try and deflect visitors away from the truth even when that truth may be detrimental to the domestic cat.

  2. Thanks very much for this important information. Russian scientists haqve established a link between toxoplasmosis and pica which is the urge to eat unnatural and often harmful and even life-threatening substances.
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