Lion cub fed a mixture of yogurt and bread to keep him small

Lion cub has operation

This is the story of Magnus, a lion cub. He was an abused lion cub. There are many. Lions are bred for commercial purposes such a photo-shoots and canned hunting. Magnus was born in captivity.

Soon after he was born he was separated from his mother. He was abused as a tourist attraction at a Spanish Circus. The abuse reached a nadir when he was fed a mixture of yogurt and bread. Can you believe it? How bad is that? I don’t see information about anyone being prosecuted.  It would be highly unlikely if anyone was.

On this extremely inadequate diet he grow up with developmental defects in his bones and muscles. He had a condition called ‘stenosis of the oesophagus’. ‘Stenosis’ means narrowing and the oesophagus is the channel (the foodpipe or gullet) through which food passes on the way to the stomach.

His condition made it impossible to eat his normal diet. Having created the serious illness, the circus owner saw no further use for the lion cub and decided to euthanise him. This is how the world of commerce meets the natural world; nature is often destroyed.

Lets Adopt! Global (LAG) stepped in to help having been contacted. It was a big decision to get involved because rescuing a lion is not the same as rescuing a cat or dog, quite clearly.

LAG made arrangements for an operation thanks to donations.

The roadside zoos exploit lion and tiger cubs as shown one of the videos on this page.

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