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Lion in Africa adores her human friend — 7 Comments

  1. That was fairly stupid… They are endangered. It seems that my common sense and retention of common knowledge are also endangered. lol. Sorry, Michael ;_

  2. What a wonderful bond between them! <3
    This makes me curious–why are servals bred with certain domestic breeds, while cheetahs are not attempted to be bred with Savannahs, and some of the other hybrids? I only ask because I know that they are so loyal to their humans like Savannahs. Servals have been bred successfully, sireing(sp.) so many lovely Savannahs. This is a question I have thought about now and again, w/o doing the research…

  3. This is just beautiful she is almost dog like she is so excited I love the way she just leaps into his arms 🙂

    I know you said this was a Lion but she looks rather like a lioness either that as you say a young lion without his mane.

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