Lion is a better fighter than a tiger

Lion is a better fighter than a tiger

by Supernovah
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States)

In most video that I have seen between lions & tigers (with the exception of biased edited video), the lion wins! Tigers are great cats second only to the lion. Tigers are bigger but they lack the mane that a lion has.

Lions are the protectors of the pride so their their nature is to fight not hunt. They are fighters & killers & seem to be more ferocious in most exchanges between lions & tigers. While tigers are predators & their aggression is mostly based on a kill to eat.

Tigers are built for a predatory reason while lions are built & made to fight & kill by nature.

Both animals take down much larger prey even tho the tigers might take down larger prey which is in their nature, their make up isn’t to fight much larger aggressive animals or even in some instances smaller animals or really any animals…they’re predators.

I will never forget the video that I watched on in which a tiger & I believe a leopard did battle & the leopard gave that tiger all he could handle, pretty even fight while a lion would annihilate a leopard.

If you artificially match up a tiger vs lion battle by shaving a lion’s mane, yes the tiger might defeat the lion but all & all a lion would come out on top if they go to war with both lion & tiger if you did not shave his mane.


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Lion is a better fighter than a tiger

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Mar 19, 2012
Aloha again, supernova NEW
by: Prime

Here’s a few documented accounts, on the Roman days.

1. “Next, the arena was lowered to feature combat between them — Romans cheered as lions tore apart tigers, an went up against bears, leopards against wolves. It goes without saying that the Romans had never heard of animal rights.”
~Ken Spiro; WorldPerfect (Book)

2. The Memoirs of Cleopatra
“They took on tigers, bears, bulls, and wild boars. Usually the lion won. page 284” (Book)

3.Despite the final appearance given by the movie, tigers were largely unsuccessful in the gladiatorial area. Lions were more popular as they put on an excellent fight display, where as tigers were surprisingly reluctant to enter into battle. Placed in with lions, the tigers would often simply retreat.
Tiger Territory (Book)

4. “Another subspecies very closely related to the Asian lion – the Barbary lion or Panthera leo leo – became extinct in the wild in 1922 (in Morocco). This animal the Barbary lion had been the dominant animal in the blood sports of the Roman arenas.”
~Martin Seyer’s dissertation (synopsis), (Vienna University Documentation).

Most people straight from Rome, like italy, baglug an other districts, have told me that tell any one if they think tiger’s alway’s won, to come here themself’s. You wont find to much statue’s an art of tiger’s, but you’ll find at mostly every corner in every town, a statue dedicated to the Champion of the gladitorial arena, the “Lion”.

Dec 10, 2011
by: Michael

Thanks for your contribution to the lion vs tiger debate. You make a good argument.

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  1. Lion are kings means they are main to kill despite that the tiger is bigger lions hunt prey times 2 deadlier than the tiger eg . Hippo elephant rhino lion can never back down


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