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October 27th 2010: This page presents a selection of various Lion King games. These are games based on the successful 1994 American animated feature produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation called “The Lion King“. The intention is to bring a lot of them together to save people time when searching for these games on the internet. Also, as it is not that far from Christmas…heaven help us…it is quite timely to think about such things.

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Cover for The Lion King (video game)

The copyright for the above cover art is owned by Westwood Studios and Virgin Interactive and is published under fair use adopting the arguments as set out by the Wikipedia authors on the page of the same title. The Super Nintendo version of the above game can be purchase from The Lion King (Super Nintendo). It would also be available in the UK. Just go to and search.

The game charts Simba’s struggle to survive and his battle, when he is an adult, with his uncle Scar. Simba is controlled leaping, jumping and running from platform to platform. He also runs away from wildebeest.

Where there are links to other pages they open in a new window or tab. The first is a selection of computer games from This supplies the USA and Canadian market. My guess is that people are primarily searching for computer games. Just click on the one that takes your fancy:

If you would like to search (
for the UK market) right here and now, you can use this widget:

Amazon is not the only source of good Lion King games although I must admit that Amazon are very efficient and I am yet to experience a problem when purchasing from them. Another great Lion King based Christmas present for younger children could be Lion King coloring books. Below is a little slide show that provides a selection of the best ones from (USA and Canada):

Did you know that you can do some online Lion King coloring too?

And another Lion King coloring game can be played on this page online: Lion King Coloring.

And yet another can be played online here: Lion King Online Coloring.

Next is a family game that includes the great Lion King songs. Yep, it’s a bit of karaoke time with Disney Sing It Family Hits. It needs Playstation®3 or Wii®.

A very clever person has created his own Lion King game, which is entirely free of charge and good fun. It is on the Deviant Art website: The Lion King Flash Game.

You can also have some free fun playing The Lion King: Timon and Pumbaa’s Bug Blaster game. Yes, you kill bugs and there are a lot of them in Africa where the lion lives.

The next Lion King game that I have encountered on my searches is what is called freeware – a downloadable game that is free of charge and which you can play on your own computer. It is about Simba’s quest to become The Lion King having been banished after his father’s death. Go to this page (link broken Jan 2015) and click on the download link and then follow instructions.

Another free downloadable game can be found on this page. It has a good rating so is probably pretty good. It is published by Walt Disney: – this link is broken so I have just shown the URL instead. This is probably a fairly simple and basic computer game but,’s free.

If either of the above computer games don’t satisfy you the following one might: Play classic game The Lion King on PC – this game seems to be suitable for PCs and not MACs. You just click on the blue button and follow instructions.

This is a video of the The Lion King (PC/DOS game) Pt.3 to give a feel for the games (please note that sometimes videos get taken off YouTube for copyright violations so this video may go blank sometime in the future:

Next is another online game in which the lion has to evade crocodiles — link broken 14th Sept 2013. Just scroll down the page and play.

The next game is not really connected to the Lion King. Well there is a lion in the game but he is on top of a car! You have to steer the car – simple: Click to play this game.

The next is a free download of a Lion King Sega game. I have no idea how good or bad it is. I suspect that it is average. You might like to give it a try.

That is it for the time being. I’ll add some more soon…

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