Lion Meat – The Ultimate Eating Experience

I cannot believe this! A restaurant in Wichita, Kansas was planning to serve lion as part of its cruel Ultimate Eating Experience dinner it plans to hold. Due to the severe number of protest lion meat has been removed from the menu that night. They still plan on serving crocodile, alpaca and kangaroo.

Here is a link to the petition mentioned in the above article that I was invited to sign which got brought this to my attention. We can still send a message by signing it, even though the meat has been pulled.

The thing that bothers me the most about this is that it’s not illegal for this guy to do this in the United States. It may very well spur a grass root movement to make it illegal to eat such precious beasts, but the fact that it seemed like a good idea at the time is what gets me. The guy is obviously a complete bobo (foolish idiot in several of the oriental languages)!

I did a search for the meats available here in Arizona and found this: A Mesa, AZ taco hut slinging lion tacos in Jan 2011! This is something that needs to be dealt with a changed. I think of all the cat owners and animal lovers in the United States. We just can’t put up with this.

Dan in Tempe

P.S. Thanks Dan. I have a previous article from a while ago.


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  1. The World copies U.S.A fashion and living and sadly hope other Country’s do not also start adverising “LION MEAT” on their exotic menu’s for the ultra wealthy.I am personally a “Non-Vegetarian” and aghast at the thought of some restaurants serving endangered wild-life species on their menu.In the fish market, i never purchase sharks for the simple reason of personally trying to contribute in the preservation of this endagered sea creature.If people start eating exotic wild-life species like lions then its left to imagination as to the future of the World’s wild-life species.Seems these lions might be from a private zoo or circus as the U.S.a has the largest number of captive pet wild animals.Hope a legislation is passed to strictly ban the consumption of any endangered wild-life species meat products.

    • Great comment. I agree. I think all of us should make decisions about what we eat partly based on the whether the food’s source is endangered.

      I don’t buy tuna because tuna is over fished. I have no desire whatsoever to eat lion and the flesh of these beautiful animals.

      I find it so ignorant that people want to eat lion and tiger meat. For me it is base human behavior.

  2. Thanks for this Dan. I will look into this. Lion meat is on the menu in the USA as far as I am aware and it reflects the attitude of many towards the lion – total disrespect. The animals probably come from failed private zoos and the like where a lot of lions are mistreated or badly maintained.


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