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Lion vs Tiger – Lion wins most times — 8 Comments

  1. Lions win more then tigers on average there is only a small size difference and lions have manes thicker the mane better the protection. Lions just win more against tigers than vise versa.

    • Thanks for your input on this. My experience tells me that the opinion of the general public is split around 50:50.

  2. This “debate” regarding Lion vs Tiger as just as stupid as the argument many liberal put forth: “there aren’t actually any races of humans, we’re all the same, but the white man is and always has been the evil one.”

    So, are these two cats actually the same animal but with a different fur color (which would make the argument X vs Y moot) or they’re not the same animal?

    If they’re not then we can discuss, but in your article you said that they are and for that fact one can argue this:
    Q: Who would win in a Lion vs Tiger fight?
    A: Yes

    BTW, I personally don’t think they are the same animal. They’re closely related so that they can interbreed, but sufficient far away that their offspring are infertile.
    The baddest Tiger would shred the baddest Lion 10 out of 10. Pitting animals from all over their spectrum of age, weight, etc. is just stupid and will yield no useful information.

  3. You very obviously prefer lions above tigers. You didn’t list any of the many accounts of tigers killing lions. Either can win,but a tiger wins more often.

    • The person who wrote this has made up his mind because he prefers lions. I agree. The truth is we don’t know the outcome of a lion-tiger contest. People (male of the human species) like fights and therefore like to discuss a lion versus tiger fight. Rather sad really.

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