Lion vs Tiger: Your facts don’t match the experts

Lion vs Tiger: Your facts don’t match the experts

by John Doe
(Baton Rouge ,La, USA)

The first thing is there is no way to truly compare the two because of all the the sub-species, the largest of tigers are bigger than the the largest lions.

With that said there is only one sub-species of tiger that is larger than lions, so the other species are out of luck.

Furthermore if you compare prey size the African lions deal with bigger prey on average, and there are prides that hunt mainly cape buffalo that weigh over 1500 pounds.

Also the cape buffalo is far more aggressive than a moose, And they live in herds not solitary like moose.

I also hunt and the most dangerous thing to hunt in Africa is cape buffalo. On rare occasion lions have taken down giraffes which weigh more than you stated, also a kick from a adult giraffe could easily maim any big cat.

You have to consider that Africa has the largest land animals on earth that the lion has to contend with, which is far more dangerous than the tiger’s habitat.

I have watched several national geographic and BBC specials on the subject and all the experts agree that at the canine they believe both have bites over 1000 pounds per square inch which are about the same.

Which that is were bite strength is important because that is were prey is taken with the canines. Also the lions have longer canines than the tiger, which would give better penetration and could hold prey better.

You might want to check your weights also Siberian tigers (largest sub-species) generally weigh 600-700 pounds for the largest males in the wild, there have been males in captivity top 900 pounds but they are obese.

Whereas large lions can top the scales at over 600 pounds, the Barbary lions which only survive thanks to captive breeding programs were larger than the species in the wilds of Africa we have to day.

With that don’t think of one being superior to the other just learn to enjoy each as the perfect predatory machines that they are, because they are both top predators in their own habitats and evolution adapted each to function in the ways most effective for their survival.

I love tigers i am LSU fan GEAUX TIGERS.


Lion vs Tiger: Your facts don’t match the experts to Lion vs Tiger

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Lion vs Tiger: Your facts don’t match the experts

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Aug 23, 2010
Tigers Rule
by: Anonymous

What a load of mince. The Bengal Tiger is on average 50kg (110lbs for this thicko)heavier than the male African Lion. When the Romans staged fights between tigers and lions the tigers won 80% of the and the other 20% was when a male lion was pitted against a tigress!!

Jul 26, 2010
animal hater in disguise
by: kathy

Just another one of those animal haters like the cougar man. Uses hunting poor animals for his enjoyment. When are they going to make hunting season on mankind??? Control our population??? Someone who doesnt beleive in sharing the earth, like my animal hater neighbor.

Jul 18, 2010
Best sources
by: Michael

Hi..thanks for your input – most welcome. However, I did use sources that are acknowledged as the best including: Wild Cats Of The World by the Sunquists, so I disagree with you.

Why do you use an alias by the way?

Michael Avatar

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