Lion wins in a lion versus tiger fight

Lion wins in a lion versus tiger fight

by Daniel Webster
(Porter, Texas, USA)

In my opinion the staged Korean and Chinese fights are just that, staged by either fighting young, ill and underfed lions. Having lived there this is not an opinion but a fact.

The Koreans and Chinese use a few tiger vs lion fights in which the tiger prevailed but what I know from experience is that there are many more lion victories.

I know of only 2 wild tiger and wild lion fights and in both the lion prevailed and the tiger was not beaten but killed.

Even some Korean experts tell me that the lion nearly always wins. Mostly because of the mane and being very stubborn.

Another bit of proof in the gladiator movie they had the tiger prevail. They searched for back up proof and found the lion nearly always won in the gladiator days. Which is also fact not opinion.

The Romans told us who the victor was by making the lion their symbol of bravery and fighting skill. All shields had the lion.

Funny but who thinks the Romans picked the loser and who would no better than them. The answer is no one and they told us in books that have been translated that the lion won almost every fight.

In fact the tiger was not bet on because its record was so poor that they started 2 tigers against 1 lion.

Give the western cat his due and don’t be pulled into and fooled by eastern propaganda.


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