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Lion Wins nearly all the Lion vs Tiger Fights — 11 Comments

  1. Dude I’m not sure where your getting your info but you got it all backwards my man a bengal tiger could easily take a lion let alone a Siberian the largest lion on record is 690lbs compared to the 845lb tiger it is stronger and has way more endurance tigers cover an incredible amount of territory compared to a lion. Also with teeth and bite force wrong again a lions is 112 to a tigers 127 and a tigers teeth are an inch longer another advantage of the tiger is that it fights on its hind legs and uses them to inflict damage lions fight with 3 feet on the ground using a front forepaw to fight. Their are records of Siberian tiger taking down make grizzlies and polar bears simply put the lion is no Match.

  2. Nah not really, tigers have always proven to be better in sheer strength. So lions are definitely not more powerful than tigers. They do have more stamina though.

  3. Το λιοντάρι είναι το πιο ασυναγώνιστο κτήνος στις μάχες.Οι περισσότεροι επιστήμονες και εμπειρογνώμονες συμφωνούν ότι το λιοντάρι είναι ο νικητής έναντι της τίγρης.


    The lion is the most unbeatable beast in battles. Most scientists and experts agree that the lion is the winner against the tiger.

  4. Yousef “the expert” has an attitude problem, as if he’s boasting about or defending his own manhood or something. While all his information was interesting (but unverified) I was disgusted and sickened by the tales of actually pitting lions against tigers. People like him seem to get a sense of joy out of it. Nature has it so these animals don’t need to fight each other; leave to man to change all that. It was an interesting thought problem but the time and effort obsessive macho guys like Yousef put into it makes me not care about it after all. I guess I’m not much of a man, huh?

  5. It would be nice to have your comparable sources information on the anatomy of these two magnificent cats. Aldo records shows a great amount of large tigers and male Lions. The majority of sources place the tiger as the largest cat. But lately, some serious data revisions were made. It revealed many old tiger’s weight records were found unreliable. Some sources now believe in average that the Bengal tiger and the male African lion are comparable in size. There is also the Siberian tiger. Some are quite big, since they live in a cold environment therefore they have a greater amount of body fat. But again, not all Siberian tigers are larger than the Bengal tigers. To me, until there are more proof about the new Lion-tiger weight data, the tiger is still the largest. In nature, aggressiveness and fighting skills is more important than size anyway. In these domains, I must say male Lions are especially gifted. About South Korea, the Siberian tiger is their emblem. Now almost extinct in the wild, there were tigers in China. So there may be there, willingly or unconsciously some form of patriotic influence on their part. About the Lions and food, if there are Lions and tigers, keepers will always feed the black mane lions first. Yes its a fact, no tiger will stay around a black mane lion at feeding time, even if there are two of them. For a great part I tend to agree with you. I am a cat lover in general, I would have liked to know and be able to get to your lion-tiger anatomy sources. Thanks for all your work, a lot of time was spend. It was a very informative article to read and I really enjoyed reading you.

    • Hi DD. You’re right about weights. There is a lot of misinformation about tiger weights, for example. It is hard to weigh a wild tiger even if it is dead. Some of the wild tiger weights are 100 years old and they were less precise in those days.

      The whole lion versus tiger debate is just a bit of fun (as far as I can tell) and the vote by a large number of visitors to this site is pretty much split down the middle. You may have seen it on this page.

    • This is an article by a visitor to PoC who lives in Kuwait. He is probably writing from what he has seen and read over a period of time. It is not a scientific paper. Thanks for visiting though.

  6. lion is the king of the forest.no doubt in it.after that any animal.but some of them said tiger is more cruel than lion.

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