Lion wins with Tiger of same size

Lion wins with Tiger of same size

Male lion - photo by MazetMan (Flickr)

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Male lion - photo by MazetMan (Flickr)

I agree the Tiger is (Siberian) probably one of the top 3 predators on the planet. A big male Siberian will way over 600 pounds and I think because of his thick coat could Kill a large African Lion. However if a Large (in his Prime African lion came across a similar sized (in his prime) Bengal Tiger my vote goes to the Lion. Here are my reasons...

1: (most important) The African male lion's main duty is to protect his pride from other male lions. He fights all the time! He kills other lions if he can, He'll help bring down buffalo and on rare occasions elephants.

His large mane is great protection against claws and teeth. He is used to fighting. He has fought for his food in the pride and other big cats as well. The Tiger hasn't. Although the Tiger has some awesome weapons his "heart" isn't that of a lion.

2: The African lion looks for fights...he is roaring all the time to warn other lions to stay away. He is always in a fighting mode the Tiger isn't.

In conclusion I do think a Siberian could just about take on anything with the exception of a large Brown Male (Kodiak 1000 Pound Plus) Bear or Polar Bear.

However a well organized pack of wolves, wild dogs if they have a mind to can just about match any predator out there.

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Lion wins with Tiger of same size to Lion vs Tiger

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Lion wins with Tiger of same size

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Mar 19, 2012
How do I post admin , it says error all the time??? NEW
by: Prime

To Parth tiwari,
Do not use the word average, as if you know what your talking about... those are inaccurate number's, just to give more of an edge to the tiger...In Zoo's, Sanqtuary's an Reserve's lions an tiger's "Average" the same weight. They are so akin in every way, when scientist take off there skins which when they..
(already past away, natrually)..
for muscle studying, they are anontomically the same cat, who just developed differently threw adapting to different habitats.
There size's vary in different districts, why? Because of there food source's. Which ever one has the most plentyful usally has the biggest cat's. For male lions an tiger's, a good estimate for both, stick's around 500 pounds even, although the title of the biggest cat goes to tiger alot, is simply because Siberian tiger's need the extra bulk to survive harsh winter blizzard's, an usally let's them stay around the 600 pound range. Rare big Siberian tiger's get up to 700 an 800s but those are one in a millions an the 900 to 1000s hardly have any proof to back it up, I simply can show a picture an say its a thousand pounds, but there aren't the hunter or scientisit that alibie's his weight, so far.
But in the same fashion, lions have weights reaching 700- 800 pounds in the wild, threw poacher's shooting them in game reserve's. There's alot of weight speculation on there average weight but it is hard to tell, since there weights like humans, are all over the place. But you can see two, 950 pound lions on youtube, by typing in 900 pound lion.

Oct 02, 2010


no doubt that a siberian tiger can slay a lion....but also bengal tigers are not SIMILAR sized to that of african lions. a bengal tiger is almost 30-40 kg heavier than an average african lion.average african lions weigh about 175-185 kg; even the largest male lions weigh about only 190-205 kg which are thee least weighs for a bengal. bengal are by far 220-236 kg on average and very large males can reach 250 kg. this is the indochinese tiger that is similar in dimensions and weighs to that of a lion (180-190 kg).

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