Lion Would Win Most Conflicts With A Tiger

Lion Would Win Most Conflicts With A Tiger

I like the debate, the truth is tigers would likely avoid conflict, while lions would start one. Tigers are heavier & stronger but not larger and faster, they are almost evenly matched.

Lions are really more like 245 kilos, while tiger average more like 260 kilos, that averages out to be about 40 lb weight difference on average, not a deciding factor.

Lions can stand a full foot taller at the shoulder, and average a full foot more in length, the size actually averages out to be virtually the same.

lion vs tiger fighting engraving
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Now tiger hunt alone, this might explain why they are stronger, lions hunt in packs and males have to defend the whole pack, this explains the aggression which = fight experience.

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looks like an even match, no real way to tell unless you could get them to fight in the wild a few times to get an average!

PS: I love both animals, and personally think the lion would likely win most conflicts but not all.

Lion Would Win Most Conflicts With A Tiger to Lion vs Tiger

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