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Lioness cub runs wild on Russian train in Urals — 20 Comments

  1. It goes without saying that keeping a wild cat in captivity is just wrong.
    I expect that 99% of these cats are declawed too.
    So, what happens to these poor cats when the “owners” become bored with them or find they are too difficult or expensive to maintain? They can’t be released to the wild. They have no claws and, may, even be neutered.
    That’s pretty much what I commented on in the article about the woman who went to court to keep her bobcat.
    In her case, I hope she keeps Rocky for life, because he’s doomed if she doesn’t.

    • I HATE any vet who would neuter a wild cat and I DOUBLY HATE any vet who would declaw one and I DESPISE anyone who thinks ‘owning’ a wild cat or breeding from one is acceptable.
      So there!

      • I love your comment…

        Now, don’t hold back, girl.

        And, she’s off like a rocket. Skywriting her messages, sprinkling anti-declaw dust all over the planet, waving her magic wand and turning evil vets into experimental mice, banishing the AVMA to a deserted island where rats gnaw off their fingers…

        It’s a wonderful world afterall.

      • Totally agree. By the way I asked my vet to agree to an interview on declawing. I ask the receptionists to ask the vets (there are 4 I think). I don’t think there is much of it being a Yes. But I have tried.

        • No luck here either Michael, I don’t think they are even interested 🙁
          I wish I could resurrect my wise old vet, I’ll never forget his reaction to the only client who ever asked to have her cat declawed. He was Scottish and when he was angry he was almost unintelligable lol but the gist of it was that she was out of her tiny mind if she thought he would do that to any cat. He blasted her into space, I think she’s still up there somewhere even now, floating around with her ears ringing 😉

          • My old vet too, R, with his thick southern drawl.
            He was too much of a gentleman to curse, but his messages were clear.

            • Oh yes, the good old days of gentlemen vets!
              Mine would shout and even throw things around in a temper, but I got his measure lol I only had to put my coat on and say I’d had enough and he would apologise ‘Don’t go Ruthie Ruth’ He always called me that ‘Give yourself a rise in this week’s pay’ lol
              But he never got mad at any animal, only at cruel people.

  2. For sure a law needs to be passed world wide that NO ONE can buy or own a wild animal of any kind.They are not to be locked in a cage or walked on on a leash. Rich people think having them is a status symbol and that they can buy anything they wants. They need to hear the word NO more often !

    • Here here. Totally agree. There should be a complete ban worldwide on individuals keeping wild cats as pets or in anyway. Then ban all zoos as well…shall I go on? We need a complete rethink about or relationship with nature.

  3. Stupid cruel woman, I hope that poor lioness has some freedom from a cage wherever she is now.
    This story only goes to show that any ignorant irresponsible person can ‘own’ a wild cat even though they haven’t the slightest idea how to care for them. The poor creature must have been terrified on a train.
    It’s time a law was passed worldwide to stop this cruelty. Wild cats should belong to no one and belong nowhere but in the wild!

  4. The ultra wealthy Russians really live life as do the Americans and i witnessed this first hand during my tour of Vietnam in 2013. The small exotic fishing village town of Mui Ne in Vietnam was literally owned by Russians and the exotic food menu on display included live snakes.Similarly owning exotic pets could be a pet hobby of the super rich in Russia and this cub must have been purchased illegally since the lady did not want to disclose its identity.Its sad that wealthy owners do not realize the hazards of owning wild animals.Its more injustice to the wild cub than to its human owner whose pet was confiscated. Hope the cub is released or maintained in a zoo and not “EUTHANIZED” as were some zoo exhibits in a Denmark zoo.Maintenance of a pet cat is expensive and i can imagine the cost of maintenance of a lion throughout its life.

    • The ultra wealthy Russians really live life as do the Americans

      Good point and they like to have the trappings of wealth including exotic pets. It is, as I constantly say: self-indulgent behavior. People indulging in something that amuses them with a disregard for the welfare of the animal.

  5. An awful story in fact, one woman’s ego has caused a lot of trouble for the railway and a lot of misery no doubt for the lioness, whether caged by the stupid woman “owner” or by the authorities or at a zoo the outcome for the lioness is confinement.

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