Lioness raises leopard cub

Lion raises leopard cub
Lion raises leopard cub
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In the Gir National Park sometimes referred to as the Gir Forest a lioness is raising a leopard cub. This is highly unusual. This national park is well known as the home of the Asiatic lion. Counting lions is difficult but we are told that there are about 600 but their survival is precarious and the authorities do all they can to protect them.

They are the only Asiatic lions on the planet. The video is rather poor quality but you can see the little leopard cub lying on the ground and interacting with lion cubs. He stands out because of his darker coat. The leopard cub is 1.5 months old and was separated from his mother. This phenomenon was first seen about 6 days ago reports

“We are also surprised to see how a leopard cub understands the signs and sounds of a mother lioness. While roaming around, the lioness is taking extra care as she understands that the leopard cub is not able to match her pace or that of her cubs,” said Deputy Conservator of Forest, Gir-West division Dheeraj Mittal.

Lions normally kill leopards but the lioness is protecting the leopard cub from lions. Park rangers are not interfering and letting nature take its course.


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