Lions and elephants revolt against poachers in South Africa

Summary: Lions ate a rhino poacher after an elephant stomped on him

Poacher's clothing
Poacher’s clothing. Photo: Twitter feed.
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Kruger National Park: A group of five rhino poachers where stalking a rhino. They were after that precious and oh-so valuable horn that is treasured in China for their ancient and ridiculous medicine.

A hungry elephant came upon them and stomped one of them to death. The other four fled. The dead man was left behind and consumed by a pride of lions. His head and limbs remained. In an extensive search by helicopter the police recovered these personal items: a shoe, a rifle and ammunition, his shirt.

The four survivors are in police detention.

Comment: I hate to say it but this is nature’s karma. It is nature’s retribution in doing a better job than the police or anti-poaching teams on this occasion.

Sadly the general trend is downwards for rhino numbers and the prognosis for their survival in the long term is poor. The same applies to elephants and lions.


Perhaps the elephant and lions were working together and making a statement. Perhaps like Animal Farm, the well-known novella by George Orwell, the animals got together and decided that enough was enough. It was time for revolution; to strike back at the ‘humans’. Now wouldn’t that be nice for the millions of animal advocates?

The Animal Farm story ends badly with the animals behaving like humans. In this instance I’d like the iconic African animals: lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, buffalo, rhino, hippos and apes to revolt against their human masters and abusers and keep them out of their reserves for the indefinite future.

P.S. I am not an animal rights extremist. I simply want to see the wonderful animals of Africa survive like most of the world.

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