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Lions And Tigers to Be Banned from UK Circuses — 26 Comments

  1. Michael, who is credited w/the first quote? “The complex physical, behavioural and psychological needs of wild animals cannot be met in a circus environment.”

    • I forget sorry. I am not actually sure that it is a direct quote from somebody. It is more a general quote from animal advocates. Sorry to be so vague about that. I thought it just summarised nicely what you and I would say. I could have made the quote myself.

  2. Michael, why do you suppose the tiger on the far left is lifting her head to cry out? So many scenarios play out in my mind. I hate it. So appreciative for the British people, and for what they have done internationally, after having done so much in their own field.

    • I don’t know Cal. We don’t know how much discomfort and stress circus animals go through. We can guess though. We know that cats are very good at hiding these things. Circus animals should be a thing of the past. Civilised society should move on because it is quite obviously incorrect and against animal welfare to use circus animals.

  3. I can’t bear to watch the video you uploaded, but I do certainly appreciate this article. It needs to be put out there, esp. by all of us here in the u.s.a.

    • It is very good news though that the UK are deciding to ban circus animals. I am proud of that decision to be honest. Because UK circuses by world standards probably treat their animals quite well in general but we are still banning the keeping of animals by circuses. Compare that with many other countries especially those in Asia and you can see that we are well ahead of them. Many zoos in the Middle East and Asia are in a terrible condition with animals being mistreated.

  4. Thank Goodness for that so pleased to hear it. I just hope Worldwide this happens. They are not for ur amusement. 🙁

  5. Thank God I hope it gets passed and it has been far too long coming I hate when animals are used as a commodity, they are not for our amusement 🙁

  6. Yes it’s good news and I too hope it really does happen. There should be NO captive wild animals in circuses, no one should own one, nor breed from one.
    We can only keep on fighting until this all happens…..but Ruth …dream on while money is still most peoples God 🙁

      • I hope and pray we get a Labour government next year, they are far from perfect but at least they care about animal issues. The Tories, LibDems and UKIP don’t and the lesser parties have no chance of winning.

  7. I hope and pray that this comes about, until it’s law signed sealed and delivered I won’t believe it, I don’t trust this government enough, but I so, so much want it to happen.

      • No discussions that I know of.
        But, circuses and zoos are getting scarce.

        LOL! LOL! LOL!
        Wordpress reprimanded me a minute ago for posting too fast!
        Can I expect a spanking next time?

          • Sometimes if Babz and I are both on our computers and happen to be commenting on PoC at the same time we get a notice to say ‘Slow Down’ and it won’t post our comments! It must be because we have the same IP address I suppose.
            Dee you must be typing as fast as TWO people lol lol

            • Thanks for that Ruth, I had no idea that could happen. I am not sure that is the website responding. It may be something else like your broadband supplier (BT). Not sure.

              • It doesn’t really matter, we only have to remember when we are both on PoC to copy any long comments we write in case it happens and we lose the lot and some very unladylike words can be heard then lol

        • You’re funny. I love you! We only hope for the best here in the U.S., don’t we? I regret ever having taken my daughter and her friends to the circus when they were little, young’uns. We are all still scarred with images. Dee, hopefully you were wiser than me. I remember checking behind the elephant’s ears for scars and fresh wounds. We almost got escorted out.

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