Lions, Tigers and Jaguars Roam Free in Tbilisi Waiting To Be Shot

A flash flood which tore through the centre of Tbilisi, Georgia has destroyed the city’s zoo, killing some of the captive animals but releasing others. Thirty-two predators are apparently missing amongst them eight lions, six tigers and several jaguars. Some could have been killed by the flood but the authorities just don’t know what happened or where they are.

Crocodile and hippo in Tbilisi

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One of the favourite lions of the zoo has already been shot by emergency services. The other predators are quite possibly roaming around the centre of Tbilisi. No doubt the security services will not wish to take risks so as soon as they see a lion, tiger or a jaguar they will shoot it. They did tranquilize a hippopotamus but as for the big cats I doubt whether they will be so lucky because of their reputation.

For me, being a person who detests zoos, this once again highlights the unsatisfactory nature of zoos. We have a disaster and the animals have to die. That is about the measure of it. If it is not a disaster which destroys the animals it’ll be a war and I’m thinking of Syria and a zoo in one of their major cities which was destroyed together with the captive animals.

If the animals aren’t bombed to death then they will probably starve to death because there will be no one to look after them.

This massive flash flood apparently killed one of the zookeepers. Six wolves have been shot too.

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