Lisa – a story of an unwanted cat

By Leanne of Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary

Lisa an unwanted cat who found a home with the help of Kays Hill

Lisa, an unwanted cat who found a home with the help of Kays Hill

Earlier this year one of our faithful volunteers turned up one cold, wet day holding a small, jet black, female cat, maybe about 1 yr old. She was terrified. She was also full of fleas and worms and very underweight and she wasn’t very friendly, which was understandable.

She had been seen wandering the streets for a while, kids throwing stuff at her, dogs chasing her, all the usual things that happen to an unwanted and unloved cat. The estate she had been picked up from was a very rough area and no doubt she wouldn’t have lasted long.

We didn’t have an empty pen to put her into when she arrived but we had just taken in another young female stray, Tabitha, so decided to house them together for the time being. Lisa spent the first days with us hiding, growling and hissing every time anyone went into the pen.

She was really hungry but was too afraid to touch any food we put in (Tabitha soon polished off any left overs of course!!). We knew that time and patience would be the best healer for Lisa. Physically she was well but mentally she was not so good.

Eventually, we noticed that she was coming out more and more when any of us were there and because Tabitha was such a friendly cat she and Lisa became pals, which seemed to help Lisa’s confidence issues. She was also starting to eat and enjoy her food and we could see that she was actually starting to fill out and her horribly dull, black coat started to gleam.

Everytime we went into their pen Tabitha would immediately jump onto our shoulders and demand attention and finally, seemingly taking a leaf out of Tabitha’s book, Lisa started to rub around our legs and ask for attention. We were thrilled in the transformation. She also started to enjoy being groomed which really helped her coat to shine.

Once she had settled and had been neutered, a home was next on the list. After a few weeks a girl came along, who already had taken a cat from us before. She fell for Lisa, and Lisa seemed to fall for Claire.

Unfortunately, a while later, Claire came to us really upset. Lisa just would not settle, she was very unhappy and didn’t get on with Claire’s other cat. Claire could not offer Lisa any outside space as she lives next to a very busy road and she felt that Lisa needed to be able to go out, so unhappily, Lisa came back to us. We still had Tabitha with us so they were room mates again.

Lisa continued to be a friendly, if a bit excitable little cat and everyone liked to play with her and Tabitha. Lisa developed a habit (probably copying off Tabitha!) of getting onto your shoulders but, unlike Tabitha, would then bite your ears and pull your hair. By now she was eating well and we were just waiting for the right home to come along.

One night, at one of our regular meetings, our secretary, Bill, mentioned that his daughter was talking about offering a home to a cat. She shares a flat with her boyfriend and brother and the three of them had always had cats but now their flat seemed empty and they wanted a cat that would be happy having a cuddle and a fuss but also would enjoy being outside in their gated community where, it seemed, that all of their neighbours had cats!

I immediately thought of Lisa, it sounded perfect for her. However, the trio live and work in Greenwich, London!! it took a couple of weeks, but eventually the three of them could get the time together to come up and meet Lisa. They looked at all of our cats but Lisa melted their hearts. I think it was the ear nibbling (from Lisa, not me. lol.) that sealed the deal!!

It was all settled, Lisa was going to be a Londoner! Since being at her new home she has settled in fantastically well. She also has a new name, Bonnie (full name: Lady Bonnie McMeowsalot).

She has been going outside on a harness and lead, which by all accounts, she has taken to very well. Eventually, of course, she will be allowed to explore on her own. For the present, though, she is loving as much fuss and attention as she can get and as everyone works different hours. There is always someone around when she needs a hug. She watches the local cats and seems to be waiting for the time she can join in with their adventures.

A happy ending for a once very unhappy little cat, (see photo). good luck Lisa. Oops sorry, Bonnie

Leanne xx

Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary

P.S. By the way, Tabitha was rehomed a few days later with Tracy and her son. She is now called Tilly May. She is settling in well without too many problems (other than refusing to poo anywhere but in the middle of the kitchen floor!! oh dear). However, Tracy loves her and has vowed to overcome this little erm.. habit.

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Lisa – a story of an unwanted cat — 11 Comments

  1. thanks for sharing a new pic elise, she is looking great. please keep in touch and let us know how her football skills are improving!! lol.

  2. She really is a lovely cat and successes such as this pretty kitty are what keeps rescuers sane! Its such a wonderful feeling finding a good home 🙂 I love the photo as well, is that your balcony? it looks lovely if it is 🙂

  3. Lovely to hear Bonnie’s story in full:-) I am one of her proud owners & she’s the most loving, cuddly cat, so much so we’ve re-named her again ‘Lady Bonnie McLoving’. It’s her first outing on Saturday after getting all of her injections, I must admit I am one worried mummy. Having kept her in for 5weeks or so I just hope she’s happy enough to come home again, she’s certainly made us all very happy, we love her to bits! Living with two boys I had hoped Bonnie would side with me when it came to disliking football on the TV most evenings, but it appears she is a massive football fan & chases the players & ball around the screen:-) I’ll need to ensure she supports a local Northern team but It keeps her active! We didn’t realise how sad her start in life was, so glad to be able to offer her a loving home where she’s has settled! Thank you for the lovely write-up Leanne!

    Black rescue cat on balcony

  4. Hi Leanne. I agree with Marc. It is good of you to write for PoC and it helps me as well 😉

    Also I love these stories because they are “real” not theoretical or opinions. The happy ending is great.

    Some cats have a tougher time getting settled in a nice home. I hope it works out well in the long run.

    Finally, I think Lisa a beautiful cat very nicely photographed. May I ask who took the photo? Is it Bill’s daughter or you?

    • bills daughter took the photo as far as i know michael. that is Lady Bonny McMeowsalot in her new home. i was talking to bill last night at our meeting, i told him i had put bonny’s story on poc so hopefully someone will come on and let us know the latest. bill said that they are one big happy family and bonny has them all wrapped around her little finger, so to speak!! she is spoiled rotten by all three housemates and i know that one of them, bills son, who is a bit of a workaholic, has started coming home earlier just to spend time with her. its a good story for all concerned. we also have a photo of bonny as she was travelling down to London. she is curled up asleep on Elise’s knee without a care in the world. the travelling obviously didnt bother her a jot!! the last i heard from tracy marc was when she was saying about tilly may being very happy and contented and that she (tracy) would work out the problems of poo on the kitchen floor. they are, as a family, happy with her and i’m pretty sure they are prepared to work at tilly’s ‘little problem’, as you say marc, not many people would be prepared to do it. as tilly came to us as a stray, maybe that is why the people didnt want her in the first place. thankfully both cats are now in homes where they are loved and wanted and are enjoying life to the full. apparently, bonnie and her family will be spending christmas up here with the family so we may even get chance to see her again.

  5. Lovely about Lisa, I really enjoy your stories Leanne and you always seem to have the knack of matching cats up with the right family to adopt them.
    I hope Tabitha/Tilly May soon settles in and uses her litter tray, I’m glad Tracy is understanding about it.

  6. Thank you Leanne. I had a crappy day and this really put me in a good mood. Thanks for taking the time to share your stories with us. I know you must have a ton of stuff to be getting on with so you have to be organised to make time to write an article for POC.

    I love the story of Lisa and Tabitha. They both sound wonderful and Lisa is beautiful like my Lilly. I’m so happy it ended happily. The lady who is looking after Tabitha sounds like the right kind of caretaker. If I got a cat that used the middle of the kitchen floor I would obviously work it out. But some people wouldn’t So it sounds like all the people and all the cats in this story are just perfect. A nice story.

    Thanks Leanne! 🙂

    • i love the idea that you think i’m organised marc! believe me i’m not, i’m always running trying to catch myself up. lol

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