List of small wild cats

Black-footed cat facts for kids
Black-footed cat facts for kids.
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Here is a list of SMALL WILD CATS categorised into the regions where they are found. There are articles on all these wild cat species on this site. Please search for them using the custom search tool at the base of the page. Note: the serval, bobcat, lynx and perhaps the caracal are regarded as medium-sized by many including me! But it is up for grabs.

Small wild cats of Africa

  1. Black-footed cat;
  2. Caracal;
  3. Serval;
  4. Wildcat;
  5. African golden cat;
  6. Sand cat

Small Wildcats of Europe and Asia

  1. Iberian lynx;
  2. Eurasian lynx;
  3. Wildcat;
  4. Rusty-spotted cat;
  5. Chinese mountain (desert);
  6. Pallas’s cat;
  7. Jungle cat;
  8. Fishing cat;
  9. Flat-headed cat;
  10. Asian golden cat;
  11. Leopard cat;
  12. Iriomote cat;
  13. Bay cat;
  14. Marbled cat.

Small Wildcats of the Americas

  1. Ocelot;
  2. Oncilla;
  3. Margay;
  4. Geoffroy’s cat;
  5. Pampas cat;
  6. Andean Mountain cat;
  7. Jaguarundi;
  8. Canada lynx;
  9. Kodkod;
  10. Bobcat.

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Bobcat compared to the domestic cat
Bobcat compared to the domestic cat. The montage is by MikeB. The bobcat image is in the public domain. The Manx cat image is by Warren Photographic and published here with his permission.
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