Litter box smell in a small apartment?

People are asking how you deal with litter box smells a small apartment. There are not a lot of options if we are honest. And I am going to use common sense, as I see it, in disussing the topic. Please chip in. You’ll probably put the litter tray in the bathroom. I used to live in a small apartment with my girlfriend. I did it for many years and I didn’t have a smell from the litter tray. It simply was not an issue.

Get to the litter box fast
Get to the litter box fast. Image: PoC.
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In fact, the litter box was in the living room which sounds bizarre but, like I said, it did not smell. The advantage is that I had was that at the time I was retired and still am. I was therefore able to clean the litter box immediately after it was used.

I also used woodchip litter because I found it to be a better absorber of odours. I would recommend it. It is also more environmentally friendly in my opinion. And tracking was low. But I put the tray inside a larger tray to pick up some of the tracking.

But surely the key to keeping down litter box odour in a small apartment is to make sure that it is cleaned as soon as possible after use. If necessary it should be cleaned twice a day or more. There should be one litter tray per cat. The whole ethos of dealing with litter trays and apartments is to be energetic about it. To get on with it.

I also recommend a litter tray that is covered. I used one but the entrance did not have a cat flap on it. It was open. Logic dictates that this sort of arrangement is more likely to keep the smells in and prevent them from spreading out to other parts of the flat.

On the Internet you’ll find some very fancy enclosed cat litters with either the entire device manufactured as a whole or furniture in which you can place a litter tray which is accessed through a cat flap. This keeps the odours inside the furniture and once again you need to clean the tray as frequently as necessary. There are some litter trays that are self-cleaing. I wouldn’t go for one of these. Keep things simple.

I used to be able to clean my cat’s litter tray in under 60 seconds. It was a personal challenge to be slick, precise and fast. My cat doesn’t use a tray currently because he has access to the garden. However, if you can clean the litter tray quickly you are more likely to do it. Neglecting not doing it is the biggest issue. Laziness is not in the equation if you are living with a domestic cat in a small apartment. Oh, a keep the litter tray away from your cat’s food. How would you like to eat in the toilet?

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2 thoughts on “Litter box smell in a small apartment?”

  1. ha good added tip about keeping his food away from his “toilet”.. I have 6 cats and I am lucky enuf to work from home so I can scoop several times a day.. but yes that is the key.. keep it clean! I do disagree with the covered boxes , several reasons.. because some cats dont like it.. its got to get smelly in there and they have to inhale it.. but the most important reason, out of sight out of mind, if its covered people are more likely to walk right by it ..if it was uncovered they could glance down, see the mess and would bend over n scoop.

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