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A scoop is just a scoop until you have had the opportunity to try the Litter Lifter scoop out. The Litter Lifter has changed the way that I view scooping in just two weeks of using the scoop at home and in the shelter setting. I used the scoop for at least 20 different litter boxes. You can read about the Litter Lifter scoop in this article and you can visit any link on this page for a discount on Litter Lifter scoops if you are interested in purchasing one. I do not suggest that this scoop ever be used on non-clumping cat litter because it will have the opposite effect and increasing the amount of cleaning you have to do by double. The litter lifters are meant to pick up clumps but are absolute garbage at picking up urine that is not clumped together.

The Litter Lifter scoop is an award winning product that facilitates a more frequent and accurate cleaning of your boxes which means that your cat will enjoy going to the litter box more than ever before while saving you time. Arthritis and back pain will no longer have to be too much of an issue for you if you have to scoop a ton of boxes because of the speed that you will be able to scoop them out. Potential behavior problems as a result of dirty litter boxes like litter box avoidance due to poor cleaning of the box will hopefully be a problem of the past. If you do truly have a lot of trouble scooping boxes then you may also consider the Litter Robot 3 automatic litter box or a long handled litter scoop which you can view by clicking here. The Imperial Neat ‘n Tidy scoop is currently my top recommendation. I will post a review on long handled and extendable litter scoops and other methods on scooping boxes without hurting your back in the future.

3 Versions Of Litter Lifter

Technical and Specs

The Litter Lifter scoop is composed of parallel triangular tines that cannot pick up clean cat litter when you cleaning the litter box. The Litter Lifter is available in fourteen different colors and three different sizes for those who want a selection to choose from. The three sizes include the original, the travel sized scoop and the Beamer. There are small differences between each scoop that might appeal to a certain customer that is looking for specific qualities. This elaborate and futuristic design spans the entire scoop.

The scoop below is the normal version of the scoop which works out well enough for me to recommend it. The scoop is also known as the Magic Scoop on the website. This is personally my least favorite of the three designs because of the awkward shape and handle but still works better than more traditional scoops that you can find on the market for quick scooping. It is just too thin and long which makes it a bit hard for me to store a ton of them on my cleaning cart that I utilize at the rescue – but they may work just right for you or if you have a shelter that is set up differently. The other downside is that the Magic Scoop is $6.75 per scoop which is much more than the other two versions of the scoop.

Litter Lifter Original

Litter Lifter Original

The Beamer is a bit shorter than the original scoop and is a bit deeper and wider which is a perfect balance of what I look for in a scoop I want to use day in and day out. The scoops come with a cute cat face design on the front of the scoop which is quite appealing to me. This is my favorite of the scoops that are available for purchase. They are easy to carry, store and tend to clean the best for non-clumping cat litter if you do want to use it for that purpose. I would rather use this scoop for my entire rescue since I use clumping cat litter with minimal non-clumping.

Litter Lifter Beamer

Litter Lifter Beamer

The travel scoop is much smaller than both scoops but is easier to carry around from place to place. I recommend this scoop for larger shelters more than the Beamer just because the travel sized scoop is only a $1.25 per scoop while the Beamer scoop is $4.25 each. I would get the Beamer if you can swing it because it is slightly better. The travel scoop is best for corners and edges though so i would always like to have a few. Smaller litter boxes like what I use for orphan kittens, baby kittens, kittens with leg injuries or broken legs will benefit from the travel scoop in comparison to the other two versions. This scoop also features a small cat face and wonderfully peaked blades. This is my second favorite of the available scoops.

Litter Lifter Travel

Litter Lifter Travel

Pros and Benefits

The Litter Lifter features the No-Sift technology which eliminates having to shake the litter box or the scoop as you would with a traditional scoop since it will only pick up the waste. The waste literally just falls through the angled blades on the scoop. Preserving only clean cat litter will allow each purchase of cat litter to go longer than average. This litter scoop will help with the dust which is created by cleaning with a traditional litter scoop. People with allergies will not have to wear goggles or gloves if they are sensitive to cat litter.

Peaked Blade Technology

Peaked blades built into the Litter Lifter will make the difference in being able to catch even the smallest amount of waste in the first pass. Even the smallest of waste fragments are completely removed. The following are all of the benefits that you will reap from using the Litter Lifter.

  • Less dust clouds
  • Reduces allergies
  • Save hours of time
  • Reduces cost of litter
  • Easier on the wrists
  • Long lasting scoop
  • Great at scraping
  • No clogging of scoop
  • No non-stick spray

I have to admit that my scooping time for 10 boxes have been cut in half which is excellent because I work a full time job in addition to cat behavior consulting and website management. I currently have 15 cats and scoop three times each day so I wanted to find a scoop that would save me time for years to come. It took me an extremely long time to find this scoop after looking through a myriad of cat forums and websites.

The rescue mascot cats always follow behind to make sure that I have scooped the boxes thoroughly and I am happy to say that my scooping has earned their seal of approval every single time. Having the will power to scoop your litter boxes two to three times per day can cut the probability of box avoidance in half and virtually eliminate the potential of a litter box issue popping up.

The Litter Lifter scoop is basically magic because there is no shaking involved and no clogging of the scoop from cat litter which is impressive because not even my twenty dollar scoop has that feature. I love the sturdiness, ease of use and the strong tapered edge which is amazing at scraping. The only downside is that it is not stainless steel but that would make it more expensive and therefore make it not practical for a rescue or shelter to buy a ton of them which I feel like is a major plus. The scoops are not that expensive and come with discounts when bought in bulk.

The Litter Lifter is extremely resilient to routine use and will hold up for years. At first I was afraid of breaking the scoop because I have only used metal scoops prior to using this one at home for my product testing period – I always used plastic for the rescue due to cost. Fortunately for me the Litter Lifter held up to even the largest of clumps at the rescue and at my house. I do want to state that I will still use stainless steel at home after this review is finished but it is a great alternative to stainless steel scoops for home. I just like my Almost Invisible Speed Scoop too much which is kind of like an enhanced stainless steel version of this scoop – more on that is another product review.


This is the go to scoop for seniors with weak wrists or for people who does not have time to scoop the amount of litter boxes I do throughout the day. I do not ever recommend them for non-clumping litter but if you want to use it for that purpose then I recommend the wider versions of the scoop. I have ten boxes so I have to scoop thirty times a day in total if I was going by the rule of scooping each box three times a day. I would recommend this scoop for people who own cats and for animal shelters who have large cat community rooms or many cat cages. You may even be able to recommend this scoop to new cat owners!

Cleaning the box does not have to be a dusty chore that requires sifting through the entire box or separating waste from clean litter along with the coughing and hacking that comes with that chore. It only took one use of the scoop to dispel any doubts I had about the scoop not being able to keep the dust down or the ability of the scoop to decease the time I spent on each box or the pain of bending over.

The time you save is astronomical as any box should be completely scooped in three passes of the scoop or less. I estimate that you will save up to one hundred hours per year using this scoop. This estimate is completely variable depending on the amount of cats and boxes you have. You will save even more than one hundred hours if you have as many boxes as I have at our cat rescue. Saving this much time is even more crucial for animal shelter workers where every minute counts.

I recommend that you use the Litter Champ containment system, the Blackhole Litter Mat and Pretty Litter along with this scoop. You will have virtually no odor and your work will be cut by as much as 90%. I will be making a post on the best litter box setup very soon so stay tuned in for that.

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