Little Loves Large

Little Loves Large

by Michael

Little grey kitten loves her large guardian dog. You can see the little kit head butting her mountainous dog companion with passion. That is a sign of great friendliness. It is scent exchange and a good bit of her scent is going into the dog’s mouth!

Mr. Saint Bernard who weights between 140 and 264 lb (64–120 kg), licks his little furrball furiously.

The kitten probably weights about 2 pounds (wild guess). That makes the kitten 1% of the weight of the dog! (about).

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Little Loves Large

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Mar 20, 2012
heartwarming indeed NEW
by: leanne

lovely to see. it can also work the other way, ie big cat small dogs. the chihuahuas all rush to greet maxwell the ragdoll cat and lick him, he in turn grooms them. the dogs are pretty small and maxwell is a very big cat, he looks even bigger being long haired, a very impressive looking chap, he towers over the dogs, they jump up onto their hind legs to lick his face and to sit on him. he tends to just sit or lay there while they fuss him, he can escape their attentions any time he wants but usually stays a while with them, none of the other cats would tolerate it but max seems quite content with his little pals, he even rolls on his back and paws at them but never scratches, the dogs of course love all this.

Mar 19, 2012
So heart warming NEW
by: Leah England

I so enjoyed watching little and large that kitten I think thought Abbey was his mom.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Mar 17, 2012
lovely to see NEW
by: Barbara

Bless them it’s so nice to see different species interacting and what a lovely kind and patient dog.I enjoyed that.

Barbara avatar

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