Little Siamese kitten buries head in Saint Bernard’s jowls

Siamese kitten buries head in St Bernards jowls
Siamese kitten buries head in Saint Bernard’s jowls
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Cute video. There is one part which is slightly concerning: the bit when Mr Saint Bernard gets slightly tired of his kitten companion rummaging around his jowls and pushes him/her off and then almost crushes him under his left leg!

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2 thoughts on “Little Siamese kitten buries head in Saint Bernard’s jowls”

  1. That put-down was hard and I’m sure it hurt and frightened the kitten. Not happy about that. I think large dogs around kittens are a bad idea for just such a reason.

  2. Fear is most always learned, not always instinctual. This little baby is seeking companionship and has no understanding of “why not”.

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