Living with a Tiffany Cat

by Darren Starr
(London, UK)

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We got a female Tiffany kitten from someone who was giving it away. She was always affectionate and friendly, in as much as she would come and sleep by you, rest near you and call you when she's hungry. Very independent generally, although her fur is very long and prone to matting, so regular brushing is essential.

This cat is wild though. She tears around the house and destroys everything in sight when in a 'playful' mood. It scales the curtains, chews on the leather sofas,somehow opens the fridge and will chew into raw lamb or beef.

I'd say it's not an ideal pet cat, particularly if you have small children or other cats around. These cats are really fierce when startled or scared. I have two other cats who are docile as anything. The Tiffany cat is extremely territorial and does not like other cats at all.

No matter if they are bigger than her, she chases them hissing, growling and snarling.

In my own opinion, it's as if she is a feral cat who someone has tried to domesticate.

On the bright side she is a very attentive mother. Always looking after her young, also very protective over them even at 2 months - If they squeal (like if they can't get down from somewhere), she comes running. Even her kittens at only 4 weeks old growl, hunch their backs and stand sideways on to my fully grown male cats who completely ignore them.

I've never seen anything like it and I've lived with over 10 different cats over time in various places. None are like this one. Her and her kittens sleep in the same room as me and I have to say I sleep with one eye open. I'm not scared of cats or dogs, but she can be frightening. I do love her but she is just too unruly to have as a pet, if I had the choice again, I would not have taken her.


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Oct 04, 2010
Tiffany cat
by: Joseph

Darren, I know what are you talking about and its true. I read that someone told you that is a problem of socialize but I know that's not true. That's the character of the cat and they are very difficult to treat but you have to put some character to yourself cause they always testing you for the territory and sometimes you can feel they do it to control you. But they are a very lovely cats, have high senses and they protect you too. So, study her and look for what she likes and what not, so you can anticipate their movements and have control of them.

May 03, 2010
by: Michael

Hi Darren, thanks for visiting and passing on your experiences.

I think your cat is not well socialised meaning the person who was the original caretaker failed to make sure the kittens were socialized to people and other animals adequately.

What you are describing is not a cat breed trait but an individual cat's character.

It can be corrected with patience.

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